ESO crafting guide:Make your ESO Item to be unique

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-19 11:42:21
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As we all know,In The ElderScrolls Online different items can be crafted for your class.Today we will give your a detail analysis for how to make your unique items with pictures step by step.So now let's dig in !

First of all, you have to find corresponding crafting platforms. To improve a normal bow, staff or shield, you need to look for a woodworking platform. To upgrade heavy armor or weapons, you have to search for a blacksmithing platform, clothing platform for medium armor and light armor.

According to the item you want to improve, you find the crafting platform you need. After arriving at the platform, Press “E” to active it.

You look at five options on the interface. Please choose the last but one, “Improvement”.



Then you put the item you want to upgrade in the “Improvement”. The game system can hint what materials you need.

It is Embroidery that can let a white item be blue. And each Embroidery increases 23% of success rate. The item you fail to improve is waste. Therefore, you assure a high success rate when you decide to upgrade an item, to avoid a waste of items.

You can continue to level up the eso item to be orange step by step.



Please remember that keep the high rate of successful improvement; otherwise, your item was “withdrawn” by the game system.