ESO End Game-What to do after reaching 50th level

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-04-29 13:08:11
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So you have reached maximum level. What to do now? Elder Scrolls Online offers a lot of interesting end game content: dungeons, top level crafting, awesome PvP in Cyrodiil, interesting quests and many more.



In many MMO games player has nothing to do after reaching maximum level. All quests are completed, all dungeons are visited, PvP and PvE is not attractive any more… But it is not about Elder Scrolls Online. When the general quest line is completed and the maximum level is reached the second part of the game starts. This part is even more interesting than the first one.

Real PvP starts after 50th level
To be honest, real PvP starts after your character reaches maximum level. That’s because you have a lot of strong abilities and spells that you can use in battle. Your abilities are morphed and your character has enough stamina, health and manna to perform well in Cyrodiil. Moreover your gear at the highest level is also good and thus you chances to win are high. Your character is ready to meet enemies. You can have a lot of fun fighting against other alliances in AvA war after reaching highest level.

Top Level Items Crafting
Crafting is a very important part of Elder Scrolls Online. Your character can start mastering any crafting profession at low levels and all crafted items are useful at any level. But Top level items can be crafted after you become a real master in your profession. There are top level items that can be received through crafting only. You can create top level armor and weapons; you can enchant your gear making it even better. Crafting at high levels is very interesting and beneficial.

Adventure Zones (Dungeons)
Adventure zones are very similar to traditional raids. You enter the zone and become a part of an interesting story. You can receive great rewards there and have a lot of fun. When you finish your faction’s zones you can go to other factions’ zones and do quests there. Each faction has about 150 hours of dungeon questing!

Master Dungeons
Elder Scrolls Online has very interesting dungeon system. When you play the game at level 1 – 49 you visit different dungeons and complete different quests there. But as soon as you reach 50th level you can return to the dungeon that was already visited by you at a lower level. You will find new areas available for exploration there and new quests to take. You will see how your previous actions influenced the situation and you will be able to continue adventures there. It will be a new dungeon where you will have new gameplay experience!

As you can see Elder Scrolls Online has a lot of End Game Content. The game is divided into 2 main parts: below 50th level and after the 50th level is reached. Both parts are interesting and you will definitely have a lot to do after the maximum level is reached.