ESO: Fastest Ways to Level Your Crafting Skills

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-12-19 02:56:35
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There are 6 professions in crafting system. You can choose any you want. To raise crafting tiers and make crafting more profitable, you need to invest skill points into your chosen crafts. This page is gonna give you the fastest ways to improve your crafting skills.


ESO crafting fastest ways


1. Buy intricate weapons/armor off the Guild Merchants and deconstruct. Huge boost to crafting levels. Cost approx 250 gold a piece though if gold is an issue. Deconstruct all the gear you don't need.  Decon is faster, esp. if you have a lot of intricates or do a lot of questing/exploration/looting. You'll be level 50 (or close to it) in woodworking, blacskmithing, and clothing when you hit level 50 on your character.


2. Actually its smart to do all three of clothing blacksmithing and woodwork on one player because then that's the only one that needs to collect all the motifs. It appears there are going to be furniture crafting recipes that require skill in multiple crafts with the Homestead patch.


3. If you find yourself running out of bank space due to hoarding for research, is to have an alt (or main, if you're going to have the alt as a crafter) research the items as well. That way you'll have the trait researched and you can always make a level 1 version to research at your leisure, when your timer on your main crafter is done researching. There are a few mods that will show you where you're at researching, how much time is left, and what you have and have not - researched on that character. Research everything, decon everything, and put the appropriate skill points on your crafter. Points to increase how many traits you can research at a time help, especially when you are looking at a month per trait. Points that increase the odds of getting a temper from your materials, to increase the odds of getting a temper from the deconstructing of materials, points to increase your odds of successful upgrading while using fewer materials, those all add up to a lot of saved gold when upgrading. When you've got crafted gear with set bonuses, you can hand them down to alts as you outlevel them, or decon them to get some of the mats back, like family heirlooms.


4. Fastest way is to find a buddy to make stuff with, then exchange what each of you made and deconstruct the other persons items.


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