ESO Gold Making Guide for Areas of the EP

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-09-30 13:36:36
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It does not matter if you are a veteran ESO player or if you have just logged in for the first time this guide will help you. I will be making this tutorial aimed at new players but the method is no different for veteran players. I am an EU Ebonheart Pact (EP) player so this guide will mainly be for areas of the EP but just replace EP areas for your own Faction.


Step 1 – The Research Items Needed
Trait Items
At a low level you won’t have access to many rare trait items so the way I found to get your hands on some early on is to look into your guild bank and ask a moderator if s/he can give some to you… If this is not possible for you, you can always look in the Guild Store and the other Guild Stores you find scattered around your faction. You will always find cheap trait items because a lot of players don’t realize the price the items will actually sell for so this is a good thing for you to take full advantage of.

Step 2 – Learning the Traits
Do not get tied down learning multiple traits for the same item type like a Restoration staff for example because all you will do is make the research time multiply for every trait you learn. So learn one trait from Restoration staff than move on to fire Destruction staff.

All you need to do is when you have a rare trait learning like Light armor gloves with impenetrable trait focus on your other items until you have one item learned in all item types.. Robes, Shoes, Gloves Hat, Breeches, Epaulets and Sash then you can worry about the second item in the item types. Every time you learn a trait for an item type the research time doubles.

A word to the wise, get all the research passives in the clothing skill line like Stitching in clothing as soon as you can to reduce research time and to research up to three items at once.

A nice trick to hasten your craft skill level up is after you are done in an area.. take all the items you will not be researching (bank the ones you will be even if it will be a while until you can) and deconstruct or decon (non research items only) them all. If you have a higher level alt you can bank the items the higher level character loots and decon them with your crafter for more craft xp (inspiration).

Step 3 – Materials needed for Crafting
Racial Style Material

At this stage of the game us veteran players have accumulated so many racial style materials it is the perfect setting for you to again take full advantage of. Pretty much if you look into any guild trader you will find stacks of racial materials for next to nothing so buy buy buy when you can. You will also get some via the deconstruction method above in Step 2.

Crafting Material
1/I will say this once.. NEVER buy raw Materials because they are too expensive so always buy refined materials… They will be listed in guild stores as material.
2/You should always use the base materials like Jute, Rawhide, Sanded Maple and Iron Ingots because they take less per item crafted and are usually the cheapest to buy later on when you have started earning gold.
3/At the beginning you will probably need to farm it yourself and we will be using Jute which is refined from Raw Jute (picked from the Jute flower) at a Clothing Station, Rawhide which is refined from Rawhide Scraps (kill animals) at the Clothing Station, Sanded Maple which is refined from Rough Maple (chop wood on the ground in starting areas) at the Woodworking Station or Iron Ingots which is refined from Iron Ore Nodes (mined on the ground in starting areas) at the Blacksmithing Station.

Farming Locations
1/Farming Jute, Rawhide and Iron Ingots – One of the best places I have found at the beginning is Bleakrock Isle. It is the training area for the Ebonheart Pact accessed via a quest at the docs in Davon’s Watch. Similar quests should be available for the Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion.
2/Rawhide can also be obtained easily in the Crow’s Wood Delve in Davon’s Watch… just farm the wolves.
3/Iron Ingots and Jute can also be obtained easily in Bal Foyen another Pact starter area after Bleakrock Isle.

Step 4 – Finding Trading Guilds
First off drop any non trader/dead guilds you are a member of, If you have a social guild that’s ok but the ones you use as space fillers can be used to make you a lot of gold.

I know it won’t be fun but if you use the zone chat and ask for large trader guilds to invite you and as soon as they do go and check their member quantity and where their trader is located. If it is in an area like a swamp somewhere in Shadowfen and is empty then leave it and start again.

Step 5 – Crafting the Items

1/Don’t go all crafting crazy and make whatever item u can… you have to put in a little research.
2/Go to the guild traders in your area.. especially the ones closest to the guild trader/s your trading guild/s is using and try to get a feel for what is selling and focus mainly on the opposite and write the items not being sold down.
3/The pattern I’ve noticed is when the same items are always listed everyone seems to only sell those items and I think this is because they are common and only see them for sale and this is extremely good for you because it means no one is selling the item’s that you will be crafting which means you will have NO COMPETITION.
4/The RARE traits you have been learning (that are listed in my ÉireBor Sales Table below) are the ones that no one is selling 99% of the time.
5/Now you know what items to craft, all you need to do is craft them.

Time to Craft
1/Make about 6 (testing the market) of each item you have determined is rare in your area that you will be selling.
2/example.. 6 x Training Frost Staff, 6 x Impenetrable Light Sash, 6 x Defending 1 Handed Sword.

Step 6 – Sales
Estimating Sale Price in Guild Stores Using My Sell Fast and Frequently Rule
1.Go and look at your Guild Store/s,
2.Click on a Trader and search for one of your crafted items. I will use one of my examples from above for my SELL FAST AND FREQUENTLY RULE…e.g. Training Frost Staff
3.If you see none then put it up for sale for No more than 699 Gold.. DO NOT GET GREEDY.
4.If it is dearer than 699 then again put it for sale for 699 Gold.
5.If you see one already for sale and if it is a little +/- of 699 like 600 or 750 then undercut it a little if it is.
6.If it is really cheap like 200 then mark it down somewhere and keep an eye on it because it may be a fluke or that item may be common in your Faction or Server.

Make sure and stick to my SELL FAST AND FREQUENTLY RULE above and you should be fine.. oh and RICH.

Step 7 – Checking Sales
1.I know it may be boring or even hateful but you need to do this.
2.Log in as soon as you can in the morning/afternoon and check sales and replace any that have sold.
3.Repeat this for the evening/night.
4.Twice per day maximizes gold earnings… For me that’s a difference between 16k and 30k gold earned per day and that’s the truth.