ESO news: Zenimax announced 5 days compensation extra game for ESO players

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-05 03:40:17
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Great news to ESO players! Zenimax announced that due to different ESO problems since the game launched, they decided to compensate for the players, so they will send the all free 5 days of game time.As long as the time in Beijing before 8 o 'clock on May 2 registered users, will be entitled to 5 days of free game time.



ESO director Matt Firor made the announcement in the game's official website, also discussed the next game and updates in the future.

"Since we have found that online game appeared many problems, which has affected many players gaming experience.To fix these problems, we must shut down the server,for players to the game lost time.In order to compensate for the loss and give thanks to everyone who support us, we will be provided free of charge to all players extra game time for five days.This is a small matter,just want to express our thanks for all the elder scrolls online gamers, we will continue to improve the special game."

On May second, Zenimax has adopted a series of community code adjustment, and require players to cooperate in order to against the black ESO gold trading.Earlier, in order to correct all kinds of problems in the game, Zenimax has experienced several hours of downtime, but the effect is not ideal.Zenimax blamed it to "unforeseen problem".

The elder scrolls OL has launched the first expansion pack, new Craglorn adventure trial area, up to 12 players on cooperation risk.Future updates will also be more veterans underground city and the thieves guild, and the task of the dark brotherhood.Let's looking forward the game becomes more perfect!