ESO Patch 1.3.3 Features in Tweaks Visuals and Combat

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-05 03:27:56
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Elder Scrolls Online will be getting a fresh patch today. The substantial update will come in the form of the 1.3.3 patch, which brings with itself a huge set of fixes and additions.



While there are plenty of minor changes and alterations that come with this patch, the highlight of the update is the armor dye system and additions in the guild management. There are also plenty of combat related fixes, with improvement weapon/spell swapping and the capability of weapon abilities to proc weapon enchantments when used.

There is also a noticeable visual tweak in the form of color corrections, with enhanced contrast that gives a nice ENB-like touch to the surroundings.

Below are some of the most important changes the patch brings
Armor Dyes
1)Armor dyes have now been added to the game! You can visit a dye station and interact with it to dye any piece of armor that you own.
2)Dye stations can be found in at least one town in every normal overworld zone. There are new map markers add for these dye station locations
3)Every piece of gear has up to three separate areas that can be dyed individually, and you have tools available to do so.
4)Color Sets: You can use the special dye tools to create and apply custom color sets.
5)Eye Dropper Tool: You can use the eye dropper tool to pick colors from previously dyed gear, and apply that color elsewhere.
6)Paint Bucket Tool: This tool applies the dye you’ve selected to the corresponding color area of every piece of gear you have equipped.
7)At a dye station, you can see every color available. Dyes you haven’t obtained yet are displayed with a lock icon. Hover over any locked color to see which achievement is associated with it. You can right-click on it to jump to the achievement panel and read the achievement’s completion criteria. When a dye is unlocked, it will be available for all characters on your account.

New and Improved Guild Features
1)Improved Guild Management
2)Guild leaders can now create, delete, and reorder the guild ranks.
3)Hold left-click and drag to arrange the guild ranks. This can be done in the list itself.
4)Guild leaders can also assign unique icons for each rank.
5)Guilds can have 10 ranks, including the Guildmaster rank.
6)Each guild rank has its own set of permissions. When creating a new guild rank, you can clone the permissions of a previously existing one.
7)There are over 250 colors, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests available for creating a heraldry.
8)Anyone in a guild can deposit and withdraw gold into the guild bank.
9)Guild traders can mainly be found in zone capitals, though a few can be seen selling wares throughout various overworld zones.
10)Some systems (Heraldry/Guild Traders) can directly deposit or withdraw from the Guild Bank

Alliance War Campaign Updates
1)All Campaigns that were running up until this patch have been closed, and 5 new Campaigns are opening up:
2)Bow of Shadows: 5 day Veteran Rank only Campaign
3)Bow of Shadows: 5 day Veteran Rank only Campaign
4)After Patch 1.3.3 is deployed, you will be rewarded according to the placement of your Alliance within your Home Campaign.
5)Switching Campaigns (Home or Guest) will now have a 3 day lockout timer associated with it.

Instant Weapon Swap
1)Changes to the way cache textures for your alternate weapon that will allow you to swap weapons reliably and instantly. The previous delay when swapping has been reduced significantly, so swapping to your second ability set will be seamless and fast, making combat feel more responsive.

Color Correction
1)Brightness, contrast, and color curves throughout the game are now adjusted via post-processing.

AdjustedDifficult Mode
1)Added a new and optional difficulty mode for the final fight in Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel. Look for clues near each Celestial to find out how to trigger this new mode