ESO Revealed The Warden Skill Lines & Abilities

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-04-23 22:29:30
Views: 1480

The Elder Scrolls Online wants to let the ESO fans know a little about the new Warden Class Before the Morrowind coming. The team has launched out every skill line and ability which the Warden will have access to when Morrowwind come out in June.

If you create a Warden character, you will get access to a series of highly versatile skill lines that can help you heal, defend, and do damage. This means you can build your Warden to perfectly fit your playstyle. Anything is possible! To help you plan your new character, you can find the Warden's abilities listed below as if they were at max rank, but please note that some may change leading up to and beyond ESO: Morrowind's launch.

If you want to know the full listing and more cool skill-based video on the Elder Scrolls Online.

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