ESO Tips & Tricks for PVP

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-30 03:08:35
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PvP, or Player vs Player, functions a little differently in the Elder Scrolls Online. What you will find in ESO, is three Alliances, all fighting over the entirety of Cyrodiil. Each one battling it out with the other, trying to maintain control of their territories while taking others from their enemies, all in an attempt to rule the Empire and have their strongest player crowned Emperor.


Here are comprehensive list of things that you should know before you start playing the Elder Scrolls online PVP.

1.Don’t forget to fill Soul Gem. They are very useful in Cyrodiil PvP battles, because they can be used to revive others.
2.At level 10 travel to Cyrodil and do the starting quest and the siege equipment training, the first gives skillpoints.
3.If you want to PvP pick up the kill 20 enemy players quest, if you are in an large group this will be filled fast.
4.In ESO you can pick up a siege you deployed, and take it with you when you’re done sieging, so there’s no reason to leave it sitting around for the enemy alliances to burn it down. Siege takes damage simply from firing it, so the ability to pack it back up does not grant you infinite siege. There is a health bar for each siege engine, and there are repair kits you can buy to keep them alive. Other players can use your engines and repair them.
5.Leaving Cyrodiil can be done from the wayshrine at the gate by selecting another zone from the locations tab. You cannot teleport from anywhere in Cyrodil, you must arrive at a keep controlled by your faction and use a Transit Shrine to get back to camp and then use the wayshrine. Or alternatively you can die and respawn there.
6.In order to join Alliance War press L and open PvP menu. Select the campaigns tab and assign yourself to one. Then select it again to enter the queue for Cyrodiil.