ESO Update 6 Guide:How to Fast Increase Champion Rank

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-02-06 16:01:43
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There are a big changes/updates in the Elder Scrolls Online patch notes v1.6, like Justice System, Champion System. Now today we will said the Champion System which the most important is Champion Rank. Although you can get 70 points of champion rank after VR14, but it is not enough, so how to get Champion rank quickly and fast?


1. What’s the Champion Rank?
In the Champion System, all of your Veteran Rank characters earn Champion Points as they participate in activities that grant experience. Only Veteran Rank characters are capable of earning Champion Points, but those they earn are available to all your characters (even non-VR characters). That means any time you earn a Champion Point, each of your characters on that megaserver can spend it however they like. Each character can invest the total number of Champion Points you’ve earned differently.

2. What affects us of Champion Rank?
The Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief are known as the guardian constellations. They each have three lesser constellations in their charge, and together they represent aspects of power. Every constellation contains different abilities that you can purchase with Champion Points.

Each of the guardian constellations has a general theme. Points spent in the Warrior increase your health and allow you to improve your defensive capabilities. When you spend points in the Thief, your stamina will increase and you'll be able to choose utility bonuses, and points spent in the Mage increase magicka and grant benefits to physical and magical offensive power.

The passives offered by the constellations are diverse and allow you to customize your characters to your liking, no matter what kind of build you have in mind. Each constellation is comprised of individual stars, each with their own special bonuses. You can spend a total of 100 points on each star in a constellation.

As you spend points on stars in a specific constellation, you’ll unlock very powerful passives. These unlock at 10, 30, 75, and 120 points spent in a constellation. There are 36 of these strong passives total, and they offer the most impactful enhancements you’ll find in the Champion System.

3. How to get Champion Rank fast?
From above analysis that we need get a lot of Champion Rank, now there are 4 ways you can fast to get. (PS: 40W experience can enhance a Champion Rank)

1. Normal difficulty of group dungeon, about 10+W experience.
2. Normal Dragonstar Arena, due to some people go to rest in half way so did not play finish, can get 1 Champion Rank about every 3-4 hurdle, like this way, a normal Dragonstar Arena can get 3 Champion Rank, this is the fastest way in ESO PTS, of course, VR maybe will get more Champion Points.
3. Farming monsters in Spellscar, about 1W experience per minutes, but considering there will many players in here to farm after released, so the actual effect may not very well.
4. Dark Anchors, play a complete about 2W experience, and will fluctuate based on the dark anchor rating.