Essential ESO Tips for Enjoying Tamriel Unlimited

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-04-27 15:35:25
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Read our collection of helpful tips and clarifications to help you on your adventures.



You can re-allocate your skill points by visiting a Shrine of Stendarr in a capital city and paying a cost in gold. Try out something new!
Morphing a skill requires you to spend a skill point.
You’ll gain experience in a skill line when you have its abilities on your shortcut bar.

Grouping and Guilds
To find other players to join you, open the group menu with “P” and use the tools to form a group. You can also leave a group from this menu.
When you reach level 12, you can take on tough bosses and earn great loot with three other players in your first group dungeon.
If you have a lot of fun with someone, add them to your friends list (press “O”). You might even want to join their guild or create one of your own!
You can join up to five guilds. You’ll have access to each guild’s store and chat, so expand your circle of friends as much as you like. Use the commands /g1, /g2, and so on to talk with your guilds.

Inventory and Items
You can buy upgrades to your inventory space for gold. Visit the bag vendor in major cities to expand your carrying capacity.
Check out what merchants have to offer. You’ll find weapons, armor, enchantments, and more useful items.
To buy and sell your goods, join a guild with 50 members or more and check out their guild store while visiting the bank in towns. You can also visit keeps controlled by your alliance in Cyrodiil to see if the guild that owns it has established a public store there.

NPC Guilds
You can join the Fighters, Mages, and Undaunted Guilds as soon as you reach Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard. Every guild has its own story, quests, and a unique skill line for your character.

At level 10, join the battle in Cyrodiil for keep sieges and PvP battles! Press “L” to bring up the Alliance War menu and select your campaign to join. You can choose a home campaign and become a guest in other campaigns.
A series of quests will introduce you to Cyrodiil. Join the action at a keep, complete quests for the towns, or explore to find dungeons—but watch out for enemy players!
To leave Cyrodiil, travel to your alliance’s gate and use the Wayshrine.

You can gather any kind of resource and try out all the different crafting skills at crafting stations in towns as soon as you leave the tutorial.
There are lots of racial crafting styles to discover. To learn a new style, you need to find a crafting style book in the world (or buy one from a guild store).
Don’t forget that you can deconstruct your old items or items you won’t use to obtain some extra resources and experience.
You can craft directly from your bank! You have access to all of your stored crafting materials when you use a crafting station.

1).You can block (right mouse button), dodge (double tap a direction), and interrupt (press left mouse button while blocking) enemy abilities no matter what skills and equipment you’re using.
2).You can break out of crowd control effects for a stamina cost by pressing both mouse buttons.
3).Starting at level 15, you can equip two weapons and switch between them in combat using the tilde key. With two weapons, you have two shortcut bars to customize!
4).Use your quickslot menu to access potions and consumables. To place items into your quickslots, press “Q” on the inventory screen and drag the items over. You can hold “Q” at any time to bring the menu up and select an active item. Pressing “Q” will allow you to use the selected item.

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