Fans Have Been Waiting For Dungeon In Elder Scrolls Online For 24 Years

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-01-13 06:21:04
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The upcoming DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) brings back an instance most recently found in the ancestry of The Elder Scrolls: Arena 24 years ago. Necromancers and undead dragons can be found in Fang Lair!



Who else knows The Elder Scrolls: Arena? The roleplaying game dates from 1994 and was the first game in the famous Elder Scrolls series! At that time it was necessary to free the dragon Thurvokun from the power of dark necromancers. Your hero had to recover a staff from a dark ruin, among other things in one of the first quests: The Fang Lair!


And it's this dungeon classic that returns to an Elder Scrolls game after almost 24 years! In the upcoming DLC "Dragon Bones" by The Elder Scrolls Online you can get to know the dungeon again.


Necromancers in the Fang Lair!


Already in Arena, the Fang Lair was a forgotten place that was once built by the ancient Dwarven machines. But then came a dragon who drove away the original inhabitants and nestled in the deep studs of the ruins. In Arena, however, the dragon was already gone and instead monsters and a nasty puzzle lurked on the player.


At the time of The Elder Scrolls Online - in the Elder Scrolls timeline, prior to the events in Arena - the Fang Lair was the sanctuary of necromancer Orryn. Together with his disciples and all sorts of undead the darkling tries to revive the bone dragon Thurvokun.



Get the Dragon Trophy!


Of course, it does not stay with the trial and the bone dragon will be the final boss in the end. If you defeat him, there's another epic loot, including the head of a bone dragon that you can hang on the wall at home.


There is also a new personality called "Worm Wizard". Anyone who has always wanted to behave like a nasty necromancer can now fulfill this wish. In addition, everyone who enters the dungeon gets a Renegade Dragon Priest Mask.



Dragon hunt in February


The level of difficulty of the dungeon should be approximately at the level of the instances of the last DLC "Horns of the Reach". Dragon Bones is scheduled for release in February and as always will be free to play for ESO Plus customers.