Hot ESO Gold Making Strategies

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-09-28 02:53:58
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For new players and veterans alike, earning gold in Elder Scrolls Online can be a somewhat slow process. Having a good amount of gold is a necessity in the game, though, as it enables you to purchase high-level gear, mounts, and other useful items. Luckily ESO provides players with an ample amount of opportunities to make some gold. Below we’ve providing an ESO gold farming guide that summarizes every way to make coin in-game.



Quests are one of the best ways to level up fast in ESO but they also pay out well, too. For a simple quest that takes just a few minutes to complete you can earn anywhere from 50 to several hundred gold (depending on what level zone you’re in). Explore every area you can to find new quests. There are plenty of them to choose from. The more lengthy and challenging the quest is the more rewarding it is (usually).

Resource Gathering
Materials for crafting are found in abundant amounts in ESO. Everything from simple plants to ores and wood logs can be found by simply running around the world. Gather every single resource you can find. Why? Because, even if you’re not going to participate in crafting yourself, these items can still be sold. Merchants pay an ok amount of gold for crafting mats but the real gold is made by selling stacks of resources to actual players. A simple stack of iron ore, for example, can fetch 500-700 gold typically.

Dungeon Farming
Both instanced and public dungeons are absolutely amazing for earning gold in Elder Scrolls Online. Get together with a small group and repeatedly run every dungeon you can find and you’ll find yourself with tons of great loot to sell off. You can farm all kinds of gear that come in drops from slain enemies and sell them off to merchants or players. Technically you could do this on regular mobs, too, but dungeon mobs seem to have a better drop rate for rarer loot.

Crafting can be rather expensive, at first, but once you’ve reached the highest levels in a craft it actually becomes very profitable. Why? Because most of the rarest and most powerful gear is only obtainable via crafting. If you can create the best weapons and armor in the game you’ll find that players are willing to hand over tons of their hard-earned gold for it. This method just takes time as you do need to level one of the crafting professions first.

Dark Anchor Events
The Dark Anchor events that spawn all over the world are also excellent opportunities to make some gold. If you go to these events with a small group you can easily and quickly complete them. There are tons of enemies that spawn at the Anchors and they typically drop some pretty good loot, too. You can collect a ton of loot and either sell it or break it down into mats to sell off. Either way you can earn a nice amount of coin running these events.