House System In Elder Scrolls Online Is Going Weird

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-06-29 07:36:59
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About 20 days ago, the ESO forum players reported changes in a house in some of the games: Earthtear Cavern. Earthtear Cavern is one of the most expensive houses in the game (13,000 crowns or about $ 130), one of the fans' favorite and most unique places of residence. When it began to rain through the solid rock ceilings, the quiet location and the tranquil atmosphere were broken. Not only that, but the players reported that a piece of boulder had already appeared, making a part of the house impossible to reach.



Gina Bruno, community manager at Zenimax, responded to the complaint and said it would study the issue. 20 days later, the host, customer support representatives and the press are more or less silent.


With this month, several threads began to complain about other houses in the game. For example, Mathiisen lacks its window. In the Palatial hall of Hunding, seaweeds, shells and debris on the beach were missing. Random boulders and other strange additions appear in people's homes. Because these threads gather the official forum, everyone does not seem to notice Zenimax, they do not even merge spam into a single large TV (which is the standard practice). Over time, the players began to notice a shocking silence. Other threads can get a team response in minutes, but every clue to the house is ignored.



This may look like some nitpick. Many people did not see the housing point at all. There are a lot of players just want to kill monsters, grab their booty, and write off. But for many gamers, art, immersion and the atmosphere are just as important as "pure" games, especially when we pay the price. This issue has driven my two biggest game buttons: to dilute the importance of the "flavor" project in the game, and the developer to change the transaction after buying the product.


What is your opinion about this event? Although these problems are not expected before, but we must believe that the new official will certainly give us a satisfactory answer, let us wait patiently. If you want to share with you your view of the problem in the Elder Scrolls Online, welcome to leave your message below.


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