How to Be the Best ESO Tank

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-08-06 13:36:20
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This is a guide to ESO Tank, which will show you about the abilities, items and how to choose abilities in battle.

Strategy for Tank
There are often about 8 to 10 monsters to appear in ESO dungeons. It is a challenge for Tank to draw monsters’ fire in each fight. Some players who played other MMORPGS think they, as a Tank, should draw all monsters’ hatred so that other teammates receive less damage. In The Elder Scrolls Online, however, 8 to 10 monsters attack Tank simultaneously, which results Tank is easily killed. How should Tank fight in ESO dungeons?

Take VR BC dungeon in ESO for example. You will encounter the first group of monsters, including six anchor and melee skeletons and a flame mini-boss. For my Tank class, I should cast AOE control abilities to damage all skeletons and then taunt to kill the mini-boss. In my view, the mini-boss is the biggest threat for my group and I have to slay it first. This is the ESO difference from other online games: Tank should identify the biggest threat in a group of monsters and kill it as quickly as possible.
However, the biggest threat is always not the mini-boss. Look at a second example:

This BC monster group consists of three monsters: three remote monsters with staffs and a flame monster. The biggest is still the flame monster. Bu the three remote monsters have the capability of healing, so Tank should slay the three remote monsters first.
How to deal the rest monsters after killing the biggest threat? As a Tank, you can keep the flexibility of positions and cast control abilities to attack them. In fact, when you just stand near a monster that is not damaged; you can draw the monster’s hatred, because you are the biggest threat for it. AOE abilities are used to slay the rest monsters. For instance, Volcanic Rune in Mages Guild is a good AOE ability to stun enemies for 4 seconds.
Every class is not AOE abilities in the game. If it is not lucky that your class has no AOE ability, you can check out your weapon abilities, guild abilities or others.
How to slay a boss in ESO? It is easy for Tank to draw boss’s hatred in The Elder Scrolls Online. You just hold on hatred and concentrate on Action Timer which every boss has. In general, boss can cast a ability (common attack or deadly attack) every two seconds. You can make full use of boss’s Action Timer. You can block boss light attack or heavy attack in advance and prepare to deal with any situation like cone AOE ability.
Base Data

Health: 150+ 20 per level (Level 50: 1130) + 10 per veteran rank
• Health: 150+ 20 per level (Level 50: 1130) + 10 per veteran rank (Veteran Rank 10: 1220)
• Magicka: 150+ 20 per level (Level 50: 1080) + 10 per veteran rank (Veteran Rank 10: 1170)
• Stamina: 150+ 20 per level (Level 50: 1080) + 10 per veteran rank (Veteran Rank 10: 1170)
• Spell Resistance: 120 + 20 per level (Level 50: 1100)
Attribute Points (49 points totally)
• Health Points +15
• Magicka Points +10
• Stamina Points +10

Regeneration per second in combat(at VR10)
• Health Regeneration: 35 per second
• Magicka Regeneration: 59 per second
• Stamina Regeneration: 59 per second

Action cost in battle (VR10)
• Roll: To cost 420 Stamina.
• Block: To cast base Stamina by 216.
• Block to reduce damage: To reduce damage by 50%.
• Bash: to cost 216 Stamina.
• Remove control abilities: To cost 560 Stamina.
• Sprint:To cost 55 Stamina.
• Stealth: To cost 11 Stamina Points when sneaking.

Softcap and hardcap (at VR10)
• Health softcap: 2550
• Magicka softcap: 1950
• Stamina softcap: 1950
• Magicka Regeneration softcap: 80
• Stamina Regeneration softcap: 80
• Health Regeneration softcap: 50
• Armor softcap: 1870 (35% of weapon damage reduction); severe Buff diminishing; hardcap 2600 (50% of weapon damage reduction).
• Spell Resistance softcap: 1870 (35% of weapon damage reduction); severe Buff diminishing; hardcap 2600 (50% of weapon damage reduction).
• Attribute Resistance softcap: 1300 or more; 33% of single attribute damage reduction.
• Weapon damage softcap: 185
• Critical Strike Chance: NO softcap
• Reduction of Magicka/ Stamina Cost: whether it is a percentage or value, no softcap.
--Calculation: the reduction value for the first and then the percentage reduction.
--Example: there is an ability which needs cost 100 magicka; equipment reduces 20 cost; jewelry reduces 10% of Magicka with passive abilities. The ability cost becomes (100-20) * 90% = 72

The damage bonus of ESO abilities
• The ultimate damage of abilities are related to three aspects:
1、spell/weapon damage
2、Magicka/Stamina Maximun
3、the levels of abilities
• Weapon damage is just influenced by the weapon abilities,and vic versa.
• Magic damage is connected with all abilities besides weapon, including guild abilities, race abilities, vampire abilities and son on.
• All abilities with Magicka cost have the bonus from Magicka Maximum: all abilities with Stamina cost have the bonus from Stamina Maximum.
• The ultimate abilities. The ultimate abilities with Stamina cost have the bonus from Stamina Maximum, such as the ultimate ability in Fighters Guild. The ultimate abilities with Magicka cost have the bonus from Magicka Maximum, such as class ultimate abilities.

The attack in sneaking
• All melee attack abilities and magic melee abilities can deal 200% of higher damage when sneaking.
• The abilities of the melee weapons, which cause weapon critical strike, can deal higher damage when you attack enemies in sneaking.
• The range attack abilities (like common attacks of Destruction Staff) don’t cause additional damage in sneaking.
• Bows. The common attack of bows can deal critical strike and additional damage in sneaking.

Light attack, heavy attack and critical strike of weapons
• The basic damage of critical strike is 150%.
• The weapon light and heavy attacks are connected with weapon damage and Max Stamina instead of magic damage and Max Magicka.
• The light and heavy attack of Destruction Staff is influenced by spell critical strike. And the light and heavy attack of Destruction Staff can restore Magicka after killing enemies.
• Complete heavy attack of Restoration Staff can restore Magicka by 10%.

For Tank, heavy armor is the necessary: additional armor, Health Regeneration, healing bonus and Stamina reduction when block. But there are varieties of damage in battle. Therefore, Tank can be equipped with two light armors to maximum spell resistance. Medium armor can add Stamina, reduce Magicka cost for dodge. According to your character, you can choose medium armor. In all, your tank has no less than 5 heavy armors and two light/ medium armors.
Enchants are your top consideration. You assure enough Stamina to block and roll.
Crafting Items
-Twilights Embrace: (3 items) to add healing.
-Hist Bark: (3 items) to add disease resistance; (5 items) to reduce dodge cost by 20%.
-Alessia’s Bulwark: (3 items) to add 100 armor; (5 items) to reduce melee damage from enemies by 10%.
-Song of lamae: (3 items) to increase 11 Health regeneration; (5 items) when Health drops below 30%, to deal 8 Magic Damage to the attacker and recover health equal to the damage dealt, 30-second cooldown.

Dropped Items
-Dragon Guard: (3 items) to reduce the cost of ultimate abilities.
-Warlock: (3 items) when Magicka lowers 33%, to gain 33% of the Max Magicka.
-Unassailble: (3 items) to restore 13 Health Points; (5 items) to increase armor and spell resistance by 10% while blocking.
-Ebon Armory: (3 items) to add 75 Health; (4 items) increase 10 healing taken; (5 items) add 100 Max Health for your groups.