How to Earn Alliance Points in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-12-18 16:49:17
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Alliance points are basically your score in PvP. Higher alliance points will move you up in the leaderboards, with the end goal of getting to rank number 1 which gives you the ability to become emperor if your alliance can take the six main keeps required. You can find your overall alliance point score by pressing L and selecting the Emperorship tab.

The Second use for alliance points is as a currency. You can see this number by opening your inventory (I) and looking at the green number next to your gold amount. These points are used to buy siege weapons and equipment, or even gear for veteran ranks (do more research before you spend your alliance points on this gear, as many people are unhappy with the quality and feel that they can get better gear crafting/pve).

Spending your wallet of alliance points will not drain your score alliance points. They both increase at the same time as you earn alliance points, but only the currency one will get spent.

There is no reason to hoard these, in fact, spending wallet alliance points on things like siege weaponry will help you earn much more.

Earning Alliance Points Guide
You earn alliance points for killing enemy players, healing friendlies who kill players, taking objectives and keeps, and completing quests. Try to land killing blows, as that is a decent bonus of alliance points.

Quests can be found at one of your alliances two Gates (where the wayshrines are). You should see quest markers leading you to the Battle Mission Boards. These boards will give you daily quests, each type is completable once a day.

Siege Weapons
Proper use of siege weapons can also net massive alliance point gains.Flaming oil dumped on the heads of 50 enemies and a ram at the door will likely net you a fair amount of kills, as well as landing repetitive ballista shots into grouped up enemies.

Don’t let yourself get tunnel vision though, knowing when to heal, repair the wall, dish out the damage, or change tactics is what really counts. Winning will get you the most points, and being versatile and coordinated is what wins.

To really power level those alliance points, you’re going to need a group. This is the NUMBER ONE advice by recent and current emperors.For this tip, I recommend finding a PvP guild. They don’t need to be the best or have a massive roster, but make sure they are on your same schedule; they are active when you are active.