How to get a great deal of ESO gold through crafting

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-11-01 16:01:34
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In Elder Scrolls Online there will be a crafting feature for you to make your own equipment and items within the game. Crafting in ESO needs to go along with gathering. There are five crafting professions at this time and each one is reminiscent of other games within the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Alchemist — This craft will be dealing with potions but it is unclear how similar it will be to other Elder Scroll games. It might solely feature potions that contribute to healing or a character might also be able to make potions for other uses such as making illusion spells stronger or fortifying one’s sneaking ability.

Armorsmith — For this profession a character will be able to create any type of armor from shields to helms and beyond. As to how strong the armor may become or if it can be infused with certain attributes is yet to be determined.

Enchantments — This craft will deal with the making of staffs, jewelry, and glyphs. Not much is known about this craft, especially the glyphs; although speculation wonders if it might have something to do with imbuing certain features to items.

Provisioner — This profession is where one makes food and drink. Whether the food and drink will be used simply to restore health and strengthen certain attributes or may also be used in Alchemy is yet to be seen.

Weaponsmith — Creating all types of weapons from swords to bows. As with Armorsmith it has yet to be determined if there will be a way to create special armor or if it will simply be basic.

Each character will be able to have two crafting professions to create items to use and barter. As to making in-game gold with crafting while it is uncertain how any of these professions will work 100%, Armorsmith might become one of the more sought after professions simply because one can create several items that are needed to advance. Not only are there three different armor types –the standard light, medium, and heavy– but then there is each piece of an armor set as well.

That being said, it would be folly for Elder Scrolls Online not to make each craft have something that one can create that will become valuable within the game. The best way to make gold would be to find out what those items are, which ones are the easiest and cheapest to make, and barter them.