How to get A LOT of GOLD in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-29 02:50:33
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If you are like me and are a Elder Scrolls Online Fanatic, then you know how important it is to aquire gold. Gold allows you to obviously buy better weapons, armor and the likes. There are a few techniques to gaining more ESO gold as we will discuss in this article.


One option is to sell most of the items that you receive for killing things. Almost every thing in ESO that you can kill can potentially drop an item.



Completing Quests is another fine way to earn gold. You also gain a lot of XP (Experience Points) when you finish a quest, sometimes you even gain gold also. my resource links.the more you level your character, the better your quest rewards are.


Lastly, you can develop a profession in ESO, but this will take a decent amount of your time to do, and if you dont want to spend too much time in this area just take full use of all useful eso making tricks,that will really beef up your character and gold!!