How to Level Fast in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-11-21 08:55:16
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Some people may feel the game progress is so slow that they wonder why some game players level so fast, so here are tips from gamers to level up so fast  from level 38 to level 160 in eso.


Below are tips from game players, which may not be suitable. You can take as reference or give a try. 


First, depends if you want skill enough points for your build. Grinding somewhere like Sentinel Harbour (if you haven't done that quest) or Motilion Necropolis in Alik'r, Vile Lab in Coldharbour, etc will get you to level 50 in 5-6 hours but then you only have the skill points for actually going up a level each time. You'll run out of those in no time. Questing takes longer as does finding skyshards, lore books etc but at least you're not gimping yourself. you can do random Normal dungeons through the Activity finder. The first one usually is worth a level or two, plus if you do the associated quest you'll get a skill point, and potentially level up Fighters Guild and Undaunted skills as well (make sure you have unlocked both skill lines first). The only thing will be if your pug objects to a low level, but with the scaling it should be fine so long as you pull your weight.


Second, grind delves and dungeons for skill points as well as xp. After you have done all that, grind tigers in rift for wax. So by the end you have all skill points and all gold materials for upgrading your gear.


Third, You need to find people (friends or guildmates) in a specific zone (not a dungeon) and travel to player. Otherwise you'll only have the starting zone (Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard) wayshrines available outside EP. Also as someone else pointed out, you can grind Sabre cats just next to Riften.


Fourth, best suggestion is to first check in your own guild. The biggest problem is that at moment everyone is shopping so there very few you would do it for a stranger. There are those you do it as a job and will ask for mats and maybe a small fee. You can help out those who you know or in your guild, but now and then you might find someone who is around that will help you make an outfit.


Hope you feel comfortable with the tips mentioned above. Of course, the in-game currency is also important for you. With enough eso gold, you can play freely. Or you can try the quickest way, that is power leveling on our website.