How To Level Up Faster In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-06-11 03:11:24
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Morrowind has been available for few days since June 6, maybe you have met some problems to level your character if you are new to the Elder Scrolls Online. So today, I will introduce several ESO guides for how to level up faster in ESO: Morrowind, you will learn some from this article if you are trying to increase your Warden to max level but don’t know how to get it.


Maybe the new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is familiar for you though there is a whole new location in ESO: Morrowind. But the Vivardenfell's Big Island is a lot of mysterious place, including its own complex society, and you so far in Tamriel explore other fantasy places very different.


All of these tips will work outside the Morrowind extension, so if you have not yet upgraded, you can still use these suggestions to easily implement XP.   


Make Earning XP Easier With Skill Points


Skill point is the secret of the power of the warden. Unlocking passive skills will increase your strength, making the balance easier - passively stack up and slowly unlock your power and you can earn skill points without actually quelling.



Completing the underground city is the easiest way to get skill points. You will get them to defeat the dungeon boss, complete multiple dark anchors, or complete the main story tasks.


For every three Skyshard you collect, you will gain skill points. Check the "Mods" download section in the game to get all the skyshard maps for each area.




If this is your first time to enter the vast world of ESO, then the best way to earn XP is also the simplest - just a complete story task, talk to everyone in each town and join the guild for more extra work The Completing the story offers many benefits - you will get the waypoint and work to visit all the main locations of your camp and complete the main story to unlock the other factions starting city, allowing you to fully explore the world.



The main story of the task appears on every 5 layers and starts with "The Harborage" - to complete these tasks gives a considerable XP lift, and they are all balanced solo.


The Skyreach Catacombs


Even if you do not have to enter Morrowind, there is also an amazing way to upgrade your warden in the ESO vanilla. Basically, this approach allows any warden to reach the highest level within a few hours.


Start by going to Craglorn (a disputed area) and sending it to Skyreach Wayshrine into the underground town of Skyreach underground city. This is one of the best underground city of XP - use chat to find groups, or pay a tour guide to get you through the underground city and power level of gold. Up to now, the player is asking 1k-5k gold for the service.



If this is not your first role, you will get the championship points and can be realized by Skyreach underground city.


To grind Skyreach, do not bother the boss. The open map area has a cycle - both the north and the south. Do not mix with the boss, just circle around the hall, heal the normal enemy. Complete the loop, leave the underground city, and then re-enter and hit the reborn has been the enemy.


Whether you are a team, a solo or a tour guide, it's an amazing (and easy) way to deal with a lot of enemies without fussing.


Grouping At Dolmen


Dolmen tags are ESO maps, they should be familiar to anyone. These are dark anchors. Regularly occur in world events, and summon a group of enemies to a place. If you are new to ESO or Morrowind, you can use a simple way to determine whether a world event is coming in - see if there is a large group of players waiting in the neighborhood.



Normally, you will get a group invitation to display. Into a group - it does not need big, you will get more XP join small and effective group anyway.


If you group, continue to do Dolmens - send to the nearest stone, according to the timetable. Normally, if you join a group, they will take you to the next Dolmen event.


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