How to Make Lots of Gold in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-15 17:01:28
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While the abilities of the characters in ElderScrolls Online can develop into professions and skills can be learned,making gold is an important part of advancing in the game .Much like reality,it can be difficult without proper supplies to level up,especially in trade professions.Using your character's abilities and possibly an initial investment of your own gold,you can make lots of gold fast in ESO.


Gather different items such as gems, wool, mageweave, ore, leather, fish, cloth and more. Not only do you not have to buy supplies, players who gather items can sell their findings to other players for gold and level up in the game at the same time.

Become a crafter. There are many types of crafts in ESO. You must accumulate skill points when crafting to begin making good-quality items that are worth more. Although you will lose money with the first skill points you accumulate, anything past level is potentially profitable. Items below the higher points are not usually worth much and are in low demand. Items past the best points are usually higher-quality and in higher demand, which means more gold for the same amount of work.

Buy an item at a low investment and sell it for a major profit. You must have enough gold to make the initial investment. Start with low money items for 10 gold and sell them for 50 gold, making you 40 gold. As you deal in more expensive items, you will get more gold in return. Each item in ESO has a specific demand and supply markets. If you learn the business of buying low and selling high, you can increase your profit margins and make more gold.

Have a monopoly on the ESO market. Whatever items you decide to sell, put a large initial investment into it and buy up the majority of the items. The difference between monopolizing and buying low and selling high is that you get to set your own price in a monopoly. For example, invest 200,000 gold into the glimmering shards market by buying out every glimmering shard you can and, as a result, control the price for all glimmering shards in circulation.