ESO News: The Main Quest In The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-07-10 21:02:53
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Here is the fact that The Elder Scrolls Online has always been my daily game of selection for a few years now. And I have to admit that I am even beginning to get a bit more serious with guilds, player versus player, regular trials and such after several years of just pure player versus environment. It's a huge game though, and new chapter Greymoor content adds quite a lot. This latest expansion sees us return to this legendary lands of Skyrim once again. albeit a thousand years before the events of the main game of the very same name.

Firstly: GREYMOOR:

With the latest new Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor expansion launches, we were promises about 30 hours of brand new main questing. Discovering the dark heart of Skyrim and exploring something about vampires taking over at the very same time. But, the truth is, I have not taken much more than two hours of that in. It's not going anywhere. So what have I been putting many hours into every evening after this new expansion officially released.

Secondly: Antiquities:

When I got this news for the very first time, I just could not figure that out what it would really mean. It seemed like a perfect method to play this game passively. Explore this land to figure out "LEADS" which then offer you this little geometric puzzle to solve. In order to solve the puzzle and it offers you some locations on the map, or just one location if you did the puzzle well enough. Off you go, exploring for this part of the map to figure out a dig spot in that area. Then you have to scan this area and narrow down the part of the dig site and then, of course, you start to dig! You have a brush and all assorted levels of spade tools, a time limit and some health. And the final goal is to find the Antiquity within, and even some bonuses items (not only just The Elder Scrolls Online Gold) if you still have some time left.

Thirdly: Grind?

To put it simply, that's it. So why have I and those countless others done this a lot? For those beginners, the skill line is slow levelling, therefore, there is a grind element, however, actually it is a lot of fun. I am also making ESO Gold, as well as searching for some very cool items. Basically, you even can dig in EVERY area of the game too, please note that is not just a single zone thing, it's adapted to every zone.

But, the real problem is, it goes much deeper than this. It's led to a reason to revisit world bosses, to explore every create and box, to run dungeons once again. They can all drop leads, and some quite awesome ones are turning up in specific locations, leading to a new gold-rush to play long-forgotten bosses and content once again.

Fourth: Mythic Items & More:

One important thing about Antiquities is the mythic items. All of these are extremely-cool single stat items. For example, Ring of the Wild Hunt, which "Increases your movement speed by 15% when you are in combat. Increases your movement speed by 45% when you are out of combat." or Malacath's Band of Brutality, which "Increases your damage done by 25%. You can not deal critical damage." and of course, there are plenty more. This offers you a brand new modifier on your set building.

What's more, they have even hidden all the parts for a cool Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount into the system. And for you, all you have to do is find out all the pieces, it cannot be that difficult, am I right? If you can, you'd better check out the guide on Alcasthq. You will be exploring fighting monsters, delves, and then killing bosses for this one, however, it's a perfect method to spend a day or two.

They have promised us adventures just like Indiana Jones, and well, they delivered. I have already become some badass fighting archaeologist out searching for treasures to make myself look even more badass.

Fifth: Vampires & Stuff:

They have already overhauled the Vampire skill line too, however, I am still digging in the dirt for treasure and having a blast. Moreover, the new Elder Scrolls Online Harrowstorms (a fresh take on the Dolmens) are extremely fun to battle, if a little rare to spawn. So far though, it seems Elder Scrolls Online is far from the end of its life and the year of Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim content has only just started. Maybe I will get around to the main quest of Skyrim pretty soon.

Now you can grab a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor for PC, Xbox, or PlayStation here.