New areas are added to ESO on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-08-13 13:38:37
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The latest news coming out of Tamriel Unlimited is the new details for areas being added in the soon-to-be-released Imperial City expansion, which arrives August 31 on PC and Mac, followed by Xbox One on September 15 and then PlayStation 4 on September 16.


The Imperial City DLC will add six new districts, two new dungeons and additional spaces, including The Imperial Sewers, Aldmeri Dominion Base, Daggerfall Covenant Base and the Ebonheart Pact Base.

1. The Arena District - The Daedra have twisted it into something dark and profane. Imperial citizens are forced to battle beasts, and each other, for the amusement of Molag Bal's soldiers

2. The Arboretum District - The district is filled with bonfires beneath a thick blanket of smoke. The Daedra have plundered the city's archives—burning as many books and scrolls as they can find.

3. The Elven Gardens - A base of operations for the perfidious “Legion Zero." The dark legionaries have established great forges here as well as siege foundries, drill yards, and everything else an army might need.

4. The Memorial District - The Memorial District is a fertile ground for Molag Bal's twisted necromancers. The Worm Cult and Molag Bal's Xivkyn work around the clock, exhuming graves and raising the dead.

5. The Nobles District - When the Daedric invasion started, Captain Caudex gathered as many legionaries as he could and established a makeshift garrison in the old forum at the center of the district. They've somehow managed to hold that fort for several months, despite the Daedric onslaught.

6. The Temple District - The Temple of the One has been converted into a horrifying torture chamber. Priests are routinely tortured and interrogated here, while members of the laity are sacrificed to appease Daedric Prince Molag Bal.