New great feature will be added to ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-29 03:08:28
Views: 1175

The Elder Scrolls Online will feature a New Game Plus mode that will essentially allow you to experience each Alliance within the game using the same character. You won’t have to reroll your character or make a new one, as all the content on your second and third factions will scale up to the game’s highest level—50.



You can take the character and go back through the other alliances, but all of the content is scaled to level 50. So you can start playing through another chunk of content, but everything is harder,” a Bethesda representative told Massively.

“Once you’ve played through all of that, you can do it again through the remaining alliance, but everything is even harder. We call it 50+ and 50++. Basically there are two additional tracks of content you can use with each character.”

Players will have the chance to experience three tracks of content that go with the game’s three alliances. Likewise, players will not have to abandon their existing track to play a new one. If they want to go back to their first Alliance quest track, it will remain leveled as they originally left it, and it will retain any changes and progress they make with it.

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