News From TESO | With Over 15 Million Gamers' Elder Scrolls Online Is Still Growing Not Slowing Down

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-04-09 15:06:14
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ESO's Subscribers Is Still Increasing

  By the end of officially posting this article, Elder Scrolls Online is still incredibly popular and continues to keep growing as one of the biggest and most successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games (generally abbreviated as MMOGs) on this video game market. According to Rich Lambert, Creative Director at ZeniMax Online Studios, so far, The Elder Scrolls Online has over fifteen million subscribers, and that is a piece of great news that comes off of a 13.5 million milestone less than one year ago.

  Last week, I just attended a virtual presentation from ZeniMax Online Studios in which they announced this milestone and also laid out all of the details for what's coming in the new Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor chapter in this May. According to what Rich Lambert says that the game was, "still growing, not slowing down" while hitting 15 million players. Apart from a large chunk of the missing area of Skyrim itself, including the capital city, Solitude, perched atop its own iconic arch, the open plan city of Morthal, and much more, there is an intricate cavern system which is known as Blackreach.

  And for those that played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim probably remember all of these areas, but what you probably do not know is that the area of Blackreach in The Elder Scrolls Online game is a drastically much smaller version. For whatever reason, most of the cavern is still inaccessible, however, Elder Scrolls Online takes place 1,000 years prior. In the ESO version of Skyrim, Blackreach, in fact, is much larger.

  Rich Lambert also claims that of the new content the overworld parts of Skyrim make up approximately 60% of the landmass of the Greymoor expansion and the Blackreach caverns make up the remaining 40%, therefore, they are quite large. And one more point, during this vast land, if you want to get Elder Scrolls Online gold, it would become more difficult than ever.

  Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is being designed like all previous large TESO chapter expansions therefore, it is approachable and also playable for gamers of all levels whether they are veterans, newbies, or somewhere in between.

  Moreover, according to Rich Lambert, the team still remains committed to doing quarterly content updates. Since the previous DLC pack of dungeons from last month, February, Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm, is already out for Quarter One, that means the ESO Greymoor will be the Quarter 2 update. This leaves another DLC pack for the dungeon (probably) for Quarter 3 and then a story-based DLC for Quarter 4. Last year that story DLC, Dragonhold, has expanded Elsweyr with a brand new zone, and that means 'Eastern Skyrim' or something along those lines is more likely if I had to place bets. I'd love to visit Whiterun in an MMO.

  Another good news is, starting today at 7 AM PT, all gamers will be able to finish the Greymoor Prologue quest, for free, of course, which offers a bite-sized look at the brand new chapter. This quest will take gamers into the depths of Blackreach to face the Icereach Coven as a continuation of the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline that started in the Harrowstorm dungeon DLC. Just head to the ESO crown store and begin it by choosing the " Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy" and then you are officially off.

  When pressed for information about the upcoming Google Stadia version of ESO, the spokesman of ZeniMax and Bethesda had nothing new to share, but they did confirm that the plans have not changed by the affection of the Coronavirus which means we should expect a launch this year along with expected PC crossplay support.

  Well, one more question to all viewers, do you think that the mechanics of The Elder Scrolls Online will be changed since this game is getting more and more popular, do you think that the competition will become more and more difficult than before, such as farming TESO Gold? Leave your comment down below.

  The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor launches for PC/MAC on May 18th, 2020 and comes to PS4/XBOX One on June 2nd, 2020. Right now, Elder Scrolls Online is getting a free play event from April 1st at 7 AM PT until April 13th. For ESO's six years birthday this week, ZeniMax Online players will be able to enjoy bonus XP, some special rewards, and of course, an anniversary cake. Well, if you are really interested in this, why do not you just join now?