Notes and Warnings for the ESO Dyes system in Update 3

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-07-24 10:32:44
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We know the Dyes system will come in ESO update 3, this is very funny systems can make your characters to change the color of armor or gears special and unique. There is a new crafting stations "Dye Station" you will find in the elder scrolls online world. Dyes are unlocked by completing achievements, main quest or trails, now there are some achievements has bugged and can not collected the items in PTS, hope them will be fix when the update 3 launches. OK, there are some important notes and more Dyes Achievements you need know.



1). Once you dye an item it becomes bound, cannot be sold or traded to another character other than one on your account.
2)Right clicking on any color in the palette will open the achievement window displaying the achievement needed to unlock that dye color.
3)Achievements that unlock dye colors will display the associated dye color at the bottom of the achievement description.
4)Achievements that unlock dye colors with multiple tiers (Harvesting for example) will display the dye color of the current tier that is being completed.
5)Not all achievements unlock dye colors.
6)All of the dyes are solid colors, no mixed colors or gradients.
7)The black is getting vampirism and the white is for maxing vampirism skill line, and the Lycanthropy has Brown and Grey.


8)Ruby throne red when you become emperor.
9)Master Gold dye when you are Level 50.
10)The Julianos white, Aurora green, Mundus blue, Warrior's steel, Celestial Violet and Dragonstar red only can get in Trials.
11)Tamriel skyshard hunter: Aetherial Blue
12)Learning a motif gives your brown, learning all motifs gives you a blue.
13)Alliance war rank has a dye, from Volunteer's Iron to Grand Overlord's Brass
14)Maxing your profession will has a dye, clothier Purple, Alchemy Green, Blacksmithing Blue, Enchanting Tangerine, Provision Brown, Woodworking Yellow.
15)Getting the Pact, Dominion and Covenant fishing achievement gives you a red, yellow and blue.