Pick the Choice of ESO Gold Events

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-19 10:39:23
Views: 1359

There are more and more Elder Scrolls Players starting to buy eso gold. And the gold price is not very stable due to supply and demand. Sometimes it is very high and sometimes it is very cheap. And we are going to launch a promotion for the coming summer holidays.

But what kind of the promotion we should do, it is a problem, because different customer has different demand. So let us say there will be below choices that you can pick, and which one will you pick, or do you have any other good suggestion?

We may just lower down our eso gold price then. For example, our regular price is 100K = $16. Because of the promotion, we will make the price as 100K=$14.5, so all customers will be able to buy at the cheaper price and the gold amount will keep the same. Or we can do coupon code giveaways; you can use the coupon code in the whole promotion time to enjoy the discount.

If you do not like the above promotion, we still have another one, that is to buy eso gold and you will get extra free gold as reward. Such as, if you buy 100K gold, we will give you 10K extra for free, so it means you can get 110K, and if you buy 500K, we will give you extra 80K, and you will get 580K instead. Anyways, it is like buying more and you will get more. Hopefully you will like this kind of promotion?

Well, maybe you do not like the both as we mentioned above, then what kind of the promotion you like? Please tell us your ideas or requests through our email or 24/7 Livechat system, we will gather your suggestions and then make a best promotion in order to satisfy most of the customers. We look forward to hear from you.