Some Skills About the Bow and Their Morphs in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-23 23:07:53
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Each player in ESO knows that the bow is a kind of two handed weapon. The bow includes a lot of species, such as the oak bow, the beech bow, the maple bow, the ash bow and another five. And then, I'd like to share you some skills for bows in ESO in this guide. The details are as following:


Poison Arrow include poison injection and venom arrow. Usually, deal poison damage and adds a DoT for 10s. When you shoot an arrow with Bannadari poison, and deal with the damage of X poison and additional X poison for 10 seconds. You will find the damage over time is increased with under 50% health for enemies. You can interrupt stuns caster and spells for 3 second. And I want to introduce a great morph, it is sacrificing DPS for utility. Use it you can interrupt from range. Especially for PVP and group content PVE in Dragonstar Arena. It is difficult to use it with arrow and you may be attacked from ranged. But it will really increase your DPS.


And then I will talk about Volley including Arrow Barrage and Scorched Earth. Arrow Barrage is helpful to increase the radius of AOE. And you need to make sure every mob is being hit. In addition, it is a good improvement over the base ability. My own experience, this skill is more useful for PVP and dungeons as the large area. For Scorched Earth, it can help you deal with fire damage and the effect will be 1s every second. Especially, for AoE, I personally prefer the other morph due to the larger radius.


The third I want to talk about Scatter Shot including Drainning shot and Magnum Shot. Deals damage, knocks target back 6 meters and disorientates targets for 5s. Drainning shot's target always can snare and immobilize your target for 6s. If you have no other skills, I recommend you draining shot. In addition, Magnum shot will help you deal more damage and you can jump back 6m. 


Arrow Spray usually contained acid spray and bombard. AOE for arrow spray always deal damage and snare for 5s, but sometimes they maybe not effective. For Acid Spary, damage is poison and to deal poison Dot for 5s. Your AOE attack matches the same damage type as your single target, also the champ points can be spent in Thaumaturge. When you use Bombard, they can help you increase snare to 6.5s and immobilizes for 3s. Remember you need to keep the mobs in place is good for PVE and PVP, your attack will be physical. You will lose out on damage when you focus on champ point.


And then let's talk about Snipe. The big feature for Snipe is high damage attack and 1.1s cast time. Usually including focused aim and lethal arrow. Focused aim can increase attack range by 5m against marked target. And the fracture will bring more damage for your stamina users and wise DPS, it is a good morph with the major fracture debuff your tank. Damage for Lethal Arrow is poison and it can reduces healing effect on target by up 40% for 10s. When you play PVP, you can kick yourself for having the other morph in Cyrodiil. In PVE, there are fights and lethal arrow is very handy.


In my opinion, I would never have bow as primary for PVE, though it has come a long way and it certainly can produce high end damage, it's just with a stamina build you can produce more with other weapons. That said, for PVP I will always have a bow on one of my bars as a stamina user because it is pretty awesome there.