Something About the Crafting in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-26 11:10:40
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With some crafting, the MMO would be complete truly. The crafting system is very stream lined in ESO. It allows the players to jump right in and build themselves items. Then you should know something about the crafting. This is also the main idea of the article as follows:


How to Craft

The actual act of crafting is incredibly simple. First you must go to a town and find it's crafting area. Once there you will be able to find stations that you can interact with. Doing so will bring up the crafting menu. Simply select what you want to craft and then what extra pieces you wish to add to the item. Hit craft and voila, you now have an item.


Different stations will allow you to craft different items. For instance, the Blacksmith station allows you to make heavy armors and many kinds of weapons, while a Clothing station allows you to make light armor.



Ingredients can be obtained a few different ways. The first, and most common, will be through killing enemies and obtaining pieces as loot. Items can also be gathered on the field from flowers, ore nodes and other places. Finally, they can be obtained by extracting them from items you have.


Extraction is the process in which you can dismantle items you have for a chance to get crafting materials out of them. The items you get back are dependent on the item you dismantled. For instance, you won't get Ebony out of an Iron piece of armor. The quality of the item will also increase what you get back, as a normal white quality item might reward 1 ingot, while a blue or higher grade item reward 3 or 4.



The research tab is one of the most interesting. It allows you to learn enchantments from items, so that you can apply them to your own crafted items in the future. The process is slow, taking many real time hours to complete, but once you learn an enhancement, it's yours forever. The catch is that it can only be applied to the same item you learned it from, so if you learn it from an axe, it can only be placed on other axes.



Crafting Skills

Everyone will start with the same basic skills in all crafting categories. This will allow them to make the most basic of items, but nothing beyond that. If a player wishes to become more proficient, they will need to level up the skill first.


This can be done by crafting multiple items as you gain a little experience each time you do this. Extraction will also gain you experience in small chunks, or big ones depending on the item quality. Once the skill is a high enough level you will be able to put a skill point into it, allowing you to access new tiers of crafting.



This skill line allows you to create potions. Naturally, the higher your skill becomes, the stronger the effects of the potion.



You will be able to craft heavy armor and weapons with this skill. The higher you become, the better materials you will be able to work with.



The opposite of Blacksmithing, Clothing lets you create light and medium armor. Again the higher your skill gets, the better materials you will be able to craft with.



This isn't a craft exactly, but more of an enhancement process. The higher your skill, the better the enchantment you can place upon items.



This skill allows you to create meals that provide buffs to the player who eats them. The higher your skill, the better the food and the stronger the buffs become.



This skill doesn't produce armor, but allows you to make bows and shields out of various types of wood. Again, the higher your skill, the better quality wood you can use in the craft.



Make all of your allotted eight characters right away. Give all your junk weapons and armor to your seven alternative accounts from your main and have them skip the tutorial and deconstruct your extra loot. When they level up each crafting profession to 3 have them level up the three hireling skills, you will now receive 7 randomized packs of material sometimes holding upgrade components.