The Beginners Cookie Cutter Healer Builds:no fancy skills or items, easy rotation

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-11-13 17:55:13
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With the introduction of the new group finder tool I have seen more and more players doing dungeons, and a lot of player are having trouble with it, this is my cookies cutter guide of every role, every class and every build for dungeons. Features easily obtainable gear (easily craftable), no fancy rotation (no need to switch bars unless you want to switch between ranged and melee), no hard to obtain skills (PvP and Undaunted) and decent capabilties that allow you to clear normal dungeons and easier vet ones.

Generic Healer Build
Healer Skill is the same for all classes too, non-templars are a bit harder for new players but definitely do-able, but if you are unsure, just click on DPS and let a templar heal.

5 piece Magnus' Gift
or 5 piece Eye of Mara if you can craft it, Kagrenac's Hope is also great
3 piece Seducer
Jewelry with magicka recovery

Apprentice for spell damage

A few points into health, (around 10 at vet16, although I would just put around 10 point into health at vet 1 and all the rest you can gain into magicka), and all other into magicka

Magicka and Health hybrid, very important to use hybrid food since you need your health to tank a few of those damage even as a non-tank.

Skill Bar
Front Bar: Restoration Staff
1.Major Prophecy Buff: Inner Lightt: No matter who you are, you will want the major crit buff, it gives a whooping 10% for those that don't use addons, and morphing it to inner light will give you 5% max magicka as well, or 7% magicka via mage's guild passive. Get This! This is a must have for all magicka build with the possible exception of DKs as they could use Inferno. Keep this on both bar and toggle it whenever you log onto the game.

2.Heal over Time: Rapid Regeneration.Keep this up at all times, it doesn't stack with itself, so just keep this up every few 16 or so seconds. This heal does not require manual targeting so it's pretty decent for a fire and forget.

3.Area Burst Heal: Healing Springs. This is the morph of grand healing and this will give a lot of healing in an area, keep this up in AoE mobbing where your DPS is standing and note that this does stack with itself so spamming this give very good results.

4.Burst Heal: Breath of Life/Healing Ward. As a Templar, this is where one truly shines, Breath of Life heals for a lot of health, doesn't require targeting and heals the entire group, this is the skill that makes templars the easiest class to heal, good templars healers only need this skill and can invest the rest to DPS. Non-templar healers can use Healing Ward, although it only target one ally, it gives a huge shield and some people might even prefer it to BoL.

5.Support Healing. Empowered Ward , Igneous Shields, Sap Essence, Refreshing Path. This is your support healing skill, keep this up at all times if you use Igneous Shields and Empowered Ward, Sap Essence and Refreshing Path give a lot of damage as well as healing, so it is pretty good as a off-DPS

6.Generic Support Ultimate: Annihilation Field, Rite of Passage, Solar Prison, Meteor, Soul Siphon, Standard of Might, Magma Armor. Pick any you want, the PvP ones are not listed since I am assuming new players won't have access to them easily

Off-Bar: You can either put your magicka DPS setup here if you want or slot the rest of your healing skills here like Obsidian Shards/Funnel Health/Templar skills.

How to play Generic Healer Build
The most important thing is that you need to manage your magicka well, use fully charged heavy attack whenever you can to restore magicka, this is very important because you will want the necessary resource to pull off big heals. Keep the HoTs running up at all times, spam Healing Springs in AoE mobbing or when your group is stacked together, burst heal when someone is low and keep your support skill up at all time if you are a DK or Sorc, the mending buff is pretty strong.