The Elder Scrolls Online Released Patch 3.2.0 For Clockwork City

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-09-19 22:19:40
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As the new Clockwork City announced, The Elder Scrolls Online released 3.7GB patch 3.2.0 to fix bugs. You can also grab more details about the base game update like Transmutation system.



Clockwork City


Venture to the bizarre realm of Sotha Sil, the Clockwork God and third member of the Dunmer Tribunal! The machine world is rife with frightening and alien dangers lurking beneath its metallic deserts and artificial trees, where only tiny pockets of citizens are able to carve out a quasi-religious society that values enlightenment and experimentation in emulation of its detached benefactor. A dark conspiracy threatens the integrity of the Clockwork City, and signs of a powerful Daedric relic manifesting within that realm draw all interested eyes toward Sotha Sil’s domain.


To visit the Clockwork City, you can acquire the quest to take you there by accepting it from the Collectibles/Stories interface, or by visiting the Mages Guild in Mournhold.

Additionally, the supplied Character Template will bring you directly to the questline to begin your Clockwork City journey.


The Brass Fortress


Going to the Clockwork City will eventually lead you to the Brass Fortress, the center of the city itself and the one place that the Clockwork Apostles, dedicated priests and inventors, work to improve their bodies and minds – sometimes with dubious “replacement” parts! Here, you can find the usual services and commodities.


The Tarnished: Not everyone in the Clockwork City pledges themselves to Sotha Sil. He is a benevolent god, in his own way, and allows them to remain regardless of their lack of devotion. This sub-society of outcasts, transients, and vagabonds are known collectively as the Tarnished, and have made themselves a valuable part of the city even if the Apostles themselves do not always appreciate it. Razgurug, the "mayor" of these downtrodden folk, offers what recompense he can in exchange for assistance to support the society that the distant Apostles will not.


New World Bosses and Delves


The Clockwork City is a treacherous place with dangers both native and invasive.


World Bosses

        • The Sanctuary of Verification: Sotha Sil is a distant ruler, and his experiments are often left for hundreds of years at a time until a new idea occurs to him. In the case of the frightening war machine known as the Imperfect, the Clockwork God has set the storage facility itself to continually tweak and make improvements to the dangerous construct. For what purpose was it built, and even more chilling to ask, how many of them are there?

        • The Exarchs' Egress: An unknown Daedric force creeps through the shadows of the Clockwork City, bringing with it a new type of Daedric monster – the Wraith-of-Crows. Through a mysterious, remote gate, you can travel to the Daedric realm that houses these malignant monsters and battle a triumvirate of these creatures.




        • The Halls of Regulation: As an artificial environment, the Clockwork City requires breathable air, potable water, and the processing of waste. The Halls of Regulation do all of this, crewed by enigmatic automated machine-people known as Factotums located in the eastern half of Clockwork City. Unfortunately, the facility has broken down for reasons unknown. Have the Factotums malfunctioned, or is this a case of sabotage?

        • The Shadow Cleft: Another dark artery winding its way into Clockwork City can be found in the Shadow Cleft toward the western half of the zone. Nightmare creatures and things that go bump in the night all lurk in this strange place, where several enterprising Clockwork Apostles disappeared attempting to discern its true masters.


Repeatable Bounties: The Clockwork Facilitator and Novice Holli, both residing in the eastern portion of the Brass Fortress, each offer daily bounties to investigate and overcome dangers at these locations.


New Sites to Explore


Two full quest objectives exist in the wilderness of the Clockwork City for you to explore. The Everwound Wellspring and the Mnemonic Planisphere.


New Trial: Asylum Sanctorium


Asylum Sanctorium is a 12-player Trial located within the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City. The Trial includes a normal and challenging Veteran version. There are all-new skill augmenting "Asylum" weapons (which you can read more about below) in the same fashion as Master and Maelstrom weapons. Unique Achievement rewards are available for completing this Trial, including: Unique skin, Several Titles, Unique housing items


Asylum and Perfect Asylum Weapons


Much as the Master's and Maelstrom's weapons before, the Asylum and Perfect Asylum weapons alter and improve the effect of one of your weapon skill line's abilities. Perfect Asylum weapons have the same benefit as the imperfect Asylum weapons, but at a greater magnitude. Perfect Asylum weapons are available only for those intrepid heroes who can conquer the hardest battle available in Asylum Sanctorium - St. Olms, and both of his allies, fighting alongside one another. In Asylum Sanctorium, you can obtain rewards based on not only the Trial's difficulty (Normal or Veteran), but also on how many allies the boss, St. Olms, has with him.


New Collectibles


We've added many new Collectibles that are available to earn from the Clockwork City area and content. Scintillant Dovah-Fly, Begone Emote, Umbral Projector, Revolving Celestiodrome, Trophy, Saint Olms the Just, Bust, Saint Olms the Just, Sanctified Silver and Clockwork Curator.


New Item Sets


There are 12 new Item Sets available from a variety of sources: 3 Item Sets available at crafting stations in Clockwork City, 3 Item Sets available as drops throughout Clockwork City, and 6 Item Sets available as drops in the new Trial, Asylum Sanctorium.


New Target Dummy: The Precursor


Associate Zanon of the Clockwork Apostles is near to completing his study of Factotum construction, and has made a fascinating discovery in his research. After finding a discarded Factotum head in a junk pile, he was alarmed to discover that it could still speak! If you respond to Zanon’s posting on the board within the Brass Fortress, you may assist him in reassembling this unique construct and discovering its true purpose.


New Motifs


Two motifs have been added to Clockwork City: the Apostle Style and the Ebonshadow style.


New Furnishings


Over 200 new furnishings have been added to the game through various sources, many of which can be purchased through the Housing Editor or crafted. The associated recipes and additional furnishings can be found throughout Clockwork City, with sourcing including everything from Justice activities and monster drops, to various containers and merchants.


New Achievements


Clockwork City comes with over 40 new achievements to pursue, with 6 new titles to unlock!


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