The ElderScrolls Online Champion System Passive Skills

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-05-15 22:34:32
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Champion System Passives are the individual bonuses which can be granted by spending Champion Points in the various Constellations of the Champion System. Champion Points are earned through EXP after you reach Veteran Rank 1 – so doing things like quests, fighting, crafting, exploring, reading books and so forth.



As of Patch 1.6.2 a Champion Point takes 400,000 EXP however this is subject to change and even adjust as you earn more Champion Points.

Champion Points are spent in three Constellations – The Warrior, The Thief and The Mage – which rotate. This means that your first Champion Point will have to be spent in The Warrior and your next in The Thief and the next in The Mage and so on.

In each Constellation there is three Star Signs. Each of these contain 4 “on-going” passives and 4 “one-off” passives. The on-going passives are small bonuses, normally 1% for each Champion Point, which you can spend up to 30 Champion Points in. The Points that you spend in these will have diminishing returns however and every Point you spend will have less and less of an impact.

The one-off passives are automatically applied to your character once you have spent enough Champion Points in that Star Sign. The first one-off passive is earned after you spend 10 Champion Points in any one Star Sign, the next when 30 Points are spent, the next when 75 Points are spent and finally when you spend 120 Points in one Star Sign you will unlock the final one-off passive bonus.