The ElderScrolls Online Clothier Guide

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Clothier is one of the six professions your character has in The Elder Scrolls Online. Clothiers are specialized in creating Light and Medium armor using cloth and hides from creatures. Much like other crafting skills, the equipment you can make with Clothier are comparable to some of the best items you can get in the game, and certain set bonuses can only be applied by proficient crafters.


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Clothiers can craft Light and Medium armor by using cloth and leather found on monsters throughout the world, or by picking up materials from resource nodes. To craft items you will need the necessary raw materials, and like other professions interact with an appropriate crafting station in the world.

If you want to craft items past level 14, you will need to invest skill points in the Clothing skill line. Bare minimum you’ll need to spend in order to use all raw materials is 8 points, but there are other useful passives you can take as well.

Tailoring (8) – Allows the use of higher level cloth and leather.
Keen Eye: Cloth (3) – Fibrous plants in the world will be easier to see when you’re 20-40 meters or closer.
Outfitter Hireling (3) – An outfitter hireling will send you cloth or leather and possibly other items every day or twice a day.
Unraveling (3) – Improves the chances of extracting Clothing ingredients.
Stitching (3) – Reduces research times by 5%/10%/20% and enables you to research two or even three traits at the same time.
Tannin Expertise (3) – Increases your chance to improve items with tempers tannins.

As mentioned spending 8 points in Tailoring is a must if you intend to do any endgame crafting. Keen Eye is very helpful for Clothiers as some raw materials can be hard to spot in the world. You can safely skip it if you don’t have trouble spotting Jute and other materials. Outfitter Hireling is best taken a early as you can: sometimes you can get very good items delivered straight to your mailbox for no effort, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth spending skill points in.

Unraveling can be greatly beneficial to Clothiers as you will be extracting materials from your items quite frequently. Stitching is perhaps the second most beneficial passive: to research all possible traits on all items would take over 2 years of real time, so reducing it even by 20% can mean a great deal of time saved (more about research times below). Finally, Tannin Expertise will help you improve items with less Tannins used; high quality tannins can be hard to come by and if you’re often improving the quality of your items this passive is not a bad choice.

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