The ElderScrolls Online Enchanting Full Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-09-10 05:43:43
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Enchanting is the art of magically infusing Armor, Weapons and Jewelry with magical effects to boost the wearer with different attributes.It’s a little different from the past Elder Scrolls games, where the Enchanter would use only a Soul Gem to enchant items, in Elder Scrolls Online — Enchanters use different types of Runes found in the world to create Glyphs, which are then placed on items and consumed, thus empowering it. Read below for information on how to craft, gain skill, and profit from Enchanting.




Know Your Runes
1).Aspect Runes determine the quality of created Glyphs (white, green, blue, purple & yellow)
2).Essence Runes determine the type of enchantment of the Glyph. (Health, Magicka) etc.
3).Potency Runes determine the level range of created Glyphs (1 to 10, 10 to 20) etc.

Skilling up with Enchanting
Skilling up with enchanting works similarly to other crafts, you create Glyphs and gain Inspiration (Crafting XP) in Enchanting. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to reach Level 50 Enchanting — so I will discuss some tips on reaching it quicker and easier.

Each crafted Glyph will require one of each Rune: Aspect, Essence, and Potency. The Effects of Essence Runes must be discovered by using them at an enchanting table, once discovered they will be listed from then on — making it easier to identify their effects for future use.

You will come across basic (White) Glyphs in the game as loot, from treasure chests, mob loot, and other sources. These items should be deconstructed for more Enchanting Skill and also a few possible Runes.

Deconstructing your own Glyphs will provide very little skill, so don’t waste them. Stick to deconstructing random world glyphs, or glyphs made or found by other people. You can also check Guild Stores, or ask in guild chat if they have any you could have or buy. Zone chat works as well, but you’re more likely to pay up some gold for any Glyphs from a random player.Don’t forget Crafting Writs as well, they are a daily quest that provides Inspiration, Gold, and a few Crafting Materials you could use.

Profiting from Enchanting
Enchanting is definitely a good benefit for self use, but what about making Gold from it? Here are some tips to making an income from Enchanting.

The quickest selling Glyphs are white Glyphs, lower level or just common veteran level Glyphs — whether they are found in the world or created by low level Potency Runes. Why? Because players don’t want to invest on fancy enchants while leveling, due to replacing their armor frequently, and there are a lot of people consuming a lot of Glyphs in order to skill up their own enchanting skill ;) Although they do not sell for very high prices, if you have the materials at hand or any extra glyphs, you could sell them in bulk which could add up to some decent profit.

The highest selling Glyphs are the end-game Monumental Glyphs. Glyphs for Veteran Ranks 10-14 with Gold Quality are some of the most valuable Glyphs in-game, and if you are an experienced Enchanter — you could craft these and sell them on your Guild Store and simply wait for buyers, which commonly sell from 5,000-10,000 gold.

You will still end up making more income from selling VR10-14 Monumental Glyphs, not only do they sell for a lot more — but they only take up a single slot in your guild store, rather than selling lots of basic glyphs. Be aware that the Gold Aspect Rune (Kuta) is typically expensive, try buying them for cheaper from others or finding them on your own. I’ve seen them sell for 5,000g, but also less than 1,000g so use your Trading skills!

You can also advertise in Zone or Guild chat that you can craft custom Glyphs for people, assuming you have a large selection of Runes in your inventory or bank. People are more likely to pay well if they get to choose their own Attributes and Qualities :)