The ElderScrolls Online General Tips & Strategies

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-13 02:16:18
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The following tips are in no particular order and include things that are important to know but do not fit into any particular section of this Elder Scrolls Online guide.



Tip #1. Tanks Need To Use 1-Hand and Shield Combination
Being a Dragonknight alone is not enough to tank in ESO. The Dragonknight’s class-specific skill trees do not actually get threat-holding abilities. The abilities for holding threat are found in the weapon skill tree for one-hand sword and shield. You need the “Puncture” skill to tank effectively. Any class can tank with this ability and enough gear – it does not have to be a Dragonknight.

Tip #2. Hints for Skyshards Are Found In Your Achievements Log
Skyshards are items that are hidden around the game world that players can find and absorb. You will earn a bonus skill point for every three Skyshards you absorb. Rather than running mindlessly around each zone looking for Skyshards, take advantage of the hings the game provides about their location in the achievements log.

You can see these hints by opening up your quest log (J) then clicking the achievements button in the top right. On the left hand menu, you will see Skyshards towards the bottom. Click on that and you will be taken to a list of every zone. Click on your current zone and you will get a hint for every Skyshard’s location. White text means you have already found the Skyshard, dim text means it still awaits discovery.

Many of the hints are very specific, such as a hint along the lines of “on the hills above [town name/location]” and the Skyshard is sitting in the hills surrounding that town. Other times the hints are riddles but usually easily inferred; i.e. “The Skyshard is about to sail away” and the Skyshard is on a boat in the zone. I have found only a few hints too cryptic to solve (and it is likely because I have not cleared all of the quests in the zone yet).

Tip #3. Gear Up Via PvP
If your gear is lacking, you can quickly get great equipment via PvP. As mentioned several times in this guide, you can rack up a ton of PvP currency points by chaining the repeatable kill 20 players quest. The merchant near the bounty boards will allow you to purchased “unidentified items” for PvP currency points of either green or blue quality at a particular level. If your gear ever starts falling behind, you can just PvP for an hour or two and purchase a full new set of high quality gear this way! You will earn a lot of experience points at the same time from the turn-ins.

Tip #4. There Are No Limits on Crafts or Passives
There is a lot of misinformation out on the internet that states that you can only have 4 passive abilities active at once and that you can only level up 2 crafts. I am not sure who started this, but neither of these is true. You can unlock as many crafts and passives as you want. Many passives are not active all the time (i.e. 2-handed passives are not active using a 1-hand sword and shield) or are dependent upon slotting skills or wearing certain equipment (i.e. heavy armor passives give bonuses for each slot of heavy armor equipped), so be sure to only unlock passives that you will actually use based on these restrictions.

You can also unlock as many crafts as you want. However, in order to unlock every craft, you will have to do a lot of playing in order to get the number of skill points you need to do so. To be able to master all 6 crafts while still having enough skill points for an effective adventuring character, you will need to have practically found every Skyshard and completed every quest in the game. As a result, it may be more realistic to pick 1-2 crafts until you get deep into the game, but there is no one stopping you from picking up more crafts early on in your ESO journey.