The ElderScrolls Online Mini Crafting Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-12-12 16:20:41
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While we can't fit everything you'd want to know about crafting in a single article, we can introduce you to the different crafting abilities, and help you pick which ones you want to learn more about. So, with no further ado, here is our mini Elder Scrolls online Guide to Crafting.

Getting started crafting is surprisingly easy-just start! Crafting skills don't require any training to use, and your character already includes all the tools you need. Go out, gather your raw materials, and start crafting.

For players of other MMOs, crafting in ESO will take some getting used to. There are no set recipes that can be learned, and players will craft by combining ingredients in different ways and seeing what works. There can be several ways to make the same item, and players will need to experiment to find the methods that work best. Eventually, there are sure to be Complete Elder Scrolls Online Guides to Crafting (all with much more impressive titles), which will contain information on the best ways to make different things, until then, experiment away.

For players familiar with other Elder Scrolls games, yes you will see many of the same crafting ingredients, and crafting works much the same, so you'll have a head start on players new to TES, however not all ingredients do exactly the same thing, so you'll be doing a bit of trial and error to learn just how things were done differently a millennia before the return of the dragon king.

Crafting Options
There are six types of crafting in ESO:
Alchemy - Crafting potions
Blacksmithing - Crafting weapons and armors from metals
Clothing - Crafting armors from leather and cloth
Enchanting - Crafting jewelry and glyphs
Provisioning - Creating food and drink
Woodworking - Crafting bows, staves and shields

Unlike in other TES games, each character can only master two crafting skills. ZeniMax hopes this will encourage players to trade with each other and build a strong in game economy.

Extraction and Style Materials
Familiar to anyone who has done crafting in just about any game; some raw materials need to be worked before they can be used as crafting materials. In ESO this is called Extraction. Materials can only be extracted when they are in stacks of ten.

Style materials, in contrast, will be new to many players. These materials determine the style of the item you create. Adding adamantite to the ix for crafting a shield will create and Altmer style shield. The known style materials include:

Adamantite (Altmer style)
Argentum (Primitive style)
Bone (Bosmer style)
Copper (Reach style)
Corundum (Nord style)
Daedra Heart (Daedric style)
Flint (Argonian style)
Malachite (Ancient Elf style)
Manganese (Orc style)
Molybdenum (Breton style)
Moonstone (Khajiit style)
Nickel (Imperial style)
Obsidian (Dunmer style)
Starmetal (Redguard style)

These style materials can be bought from vendors. Hopefully the vendors also have Elder Scrolls online guides to fashion, so your character can tell which styles will be 'in' this season.