The ElderScrolls Online Professions Introduction

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-07-18 15:54:33
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Craft is a very important aspect of the game, because the best things in the game can be made by your own hands only.



Players are able to choose one of six professions: alchemist, enchanter, provisioner, blacksmither, clothier and woodworker. Almost in all of these professions player will have several activities: the study of the properties of the finished items, making new items and improving existing ones.

All craftsmen work about the same - you need to find a special table or Station, before that you should have stock of resources for combining (if the goal was to create something new) or development (for research). Of course, you may begin to create as soon as you will find everything you need, but at the start you will have access only to the most simple recipes and drawings, and for creating objects in the other races’ style you will have to look for special book.

There are no restrictions for profession, so that you can specialize in all at once. However, investing precious skill points in branches of skill professions, you will spend up to 124 skill points. So even within in one profession you need to choose carefully the abilities you want to study.

Alchemists collect natural ingredients growing in the world, connect them with water in accordance with the alchemist table and create potions. But before the alchemist will have to find sources or flasks with solvents, which have special properties.

Only water from such sources will give proper results durind the creation process. Water quality will determine the efficiency of the product.

All components have hidden properties that determine the effects of the finished potion. To discover the magiscal properties and create a potion it is necessary to combine the ingredients with the same features. Sometimes in the finished potion appear not only useful, but also negative effect. If you mix the wrong chemicals, they can destroy each other.

Experienced alchemist learns and experiments, trying to find the best combinations and create the most valuable potions.