The ElderScrolls Online Richest Crafting Profession

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-10-18 03:16:08
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In The Elder Scrolls Online,nearly every gamers want to get the most out of their character, and many want a healthy supply of online income for maximum spending leverage for gear and other items. The Elder Scrolls Online features several crafting professions, and each has different outputs, costs and benefits. So far, there’s a lot of speculation upon the most lucrative profession, and many beta testers have gone through trial and error to guess what the best profession might be.


In ESO, players can take up weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, enchanting, alchemy and provisions. Weaponsmithing allows players to craft weapons, while armorsmithing grants players the ability to create armor with various materials. Enchanting supplies crafters with jewelry, staffs and glyphs, and glyphs are considered the prime requisite for enchantments throughout ESO. Alchemy features the creation of potions, and provisioners will focus upon the creation of food and drinks for themselves and other players.

All biases aside, and without much attribution to play-style, weaponsmithing seems to have the brightest future within ESO. Throughout several beta weekends, many players have adhered to weaponsmithing, armorsmithing and enchanting, as these professions will likely be revered by level-capped players. Because of ESO’s dynamic game-play following level-cap, many players will turn to crafting to supply themselves with new equipment while crafters may not be integrated within the community yet.

Weaponsmiths seemed to collect the most gold for their goods, and a level-capped weaponsmith has a high probability of crafting rare items with high demand. Armorsmiths may be speculated as a close follow-up profession, if not a viable equal, as they, too, will have a lot of purchasing power across player bases. Players will often turn to weaponsmiths and armorsmiths when weapon and armor providers aren’t available, and they’ll likely purchase their wares due to a common necessity across every MMORPG: survivability.

Both weapons and armor play vital roles in both questing and PVP within Tamriel; healers, tanks and DPS characters all require viable weapons and armors to maintain effective stats needed to push through quests and become valuable within PVP. Weapons and armor will be valuable, and their available upgrades will be difficult to come by without turning to a crafter.

Again, weaponsmiths outreach armorsmiths a bit. This may be a result of ESO’s balance towards DPS rather than protection, as many classes focus on weapon use rather than external buff mechanics. Many melee classes receive considerable DPS boosts when upgrading a weapon, and tanks and healers, too, can receive class benefits from weapons following their initial skill unlocks. While each crafting profession can make a decent amount of eso gold, weaponsmiths have a high output throughout early gearing processes and within post-level-cap game-play.