The ElderScrolls Online will hit Japan in June of 2016

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-12-30 18:32:22
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It has been widely known that The Elder Scrolls Online would hit Japan in the half of 2016, which is no doubt an improvement that allows Japanese fans to play the game in their own server, but some people claimed that it is a big challenge for eso to be successful in the Japanese market due to the boom of Final Fantasy XIV. How do you think about it? Buy eso gold cheap on eso-gold and read on for details.

ESO will hit Japan in June of 2016
As a subscription-free game, the Elder Scrolls Online has found a decent niche (many players might have been trying on all three platforms), which caused the concern about if it can find success in other regions. Time will tell soon as this game has been signed by publisher DMM and it will launch in Japan on June 23, 2016. It will cost 7,949 Yen (66.00 USD) for the standard edition costs, while the deluxe edition will require 12,744 Yen (105.85 USD). Just like in other regions, there's no subscription fee for Japanese fans and those who buy it will enjoy the core game. Of course, an optional monthly subscription fee (ESO PLUS) will grant people extra bonuses, such as EXP boosts.

Will ESO get a success in Japan?
Why DMM signed The Elder Scrolls Online for Japan? Many players might have no idea, but this is a step forward. Though Japanese players have been able to play the game on the North American or European servers, this offers the first opportunity for them to play on a Japanese server. It marks the game’s first foray into Asia. But how much do Japanese players expect for this new server? As far as eso-gold is concerned, that going to be a big challenge to be successful in the Japanese market as people there are too loyal to leave SE FFXIV. Still, the fact that there is no Asia / Pacific server really bothers them, so maybe ESO just need to learn something from FFXIV to be more popular in that country.

What can ESO learn from ffxiv?
One of the reasons why FFXIV is so popular is that its’ cross platform gives players much convenience, which means you can even bring your PS4 from Japan to Ireland and continue the grinding of Neverreap. Thus, it would be amazing if all of the ESO servers were cross-play, or that ZeniMax just went the way of Square Enix and allowed PS4 and PC users to play together. As things stand, the fragmented community is hardly to really get people involved.

All in all, we are not sure how far ESO will go in Japan, but it is certain it will be more immersed if there were some FFXIV-elements. How do you think about it? Anyway, it is a good thing that Japanese fans will finally get their own server. Congratulation and welcome to buy cheapest eso gold on eso-gold to be ready!