The Five Most Popular Features Of The Elder Scrolls

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-14 00:48:04
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The Elder Scrolls are updated. Each content update seems to make the game better, there’s more stuff to do than just about every other game on the market, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for more. Today’s list is all about my top five most wanted features for Elder Scrolls Online.


1.Gardening and Farming


This is my number ONE desire. Give me gardening. Give me farming. Let me raise animals, slaughter them for meat, milk, feathers, hides. Let me grow my own reagents. Let me do it in the open in public areas, but also most importantly – put this in the houses. Let us buy/craft planting boxes and livestock pens. Let us take crafting and lifeskills to the 10th degree.


2.A Warlock/Necromander Class


In zone chat, in guild chat, in dungeons – everyone’s always hoping for a Warlock/Necromancer class. They want to call upon more Daedra and demons. They want to summon a small horde of skeletons, and so forth. And I have to admit – the lure of a purely dark magic operating class is strong.


3.Swimming UNDER water and exploration therein


It’s almost unnecessary, but I really do want to swim under water in ESO one day. I’d even be satisfied if it was like in FFXIV – less about combat, and more about exploration, crafting, and so forth. If I’m being honest, bring on sailing too one day. Let us see what awaits us in the rest of Nirn. Pie in the sky? Maybe. But I didn’t say this list had to be 100% plausible.


4. Spellcrafting


While I know that ZOS has said Spellcrafting is tabled indefinitely, there’s still a part of me that thinks this could be such a cool addition to the game. To preserve balance, it would have to be rudimentary. Every class would have to have access to the same spells and combinations. But I’d love to say, add tweaks to things like a generic “fireball” that make it also add poison damage.


5.New Weapons


Give me a spear. Give me a crossbow (not just on the Fighter’s Guild line). Give me a melee staff. I want to see some new weapons and lines come to ESO in future updates, just to further add to the sheer immense amount of options available.


These are the reasons why I like the Elder Scrolls. These are just a few of my most wanted additions to ESO’s impressive feature set. Hope to meet you in the world of Elder Scrolls.