The guide to get 200k XP/hour-Level 40-50

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-26 02:40:54
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Hey guys,i saw this guide about how to get 200k XP/hour-Level 40-50 from a forum.It is a really useful strategy, here I will share the guide on how to grind from level 40-50 in ~5hours.

This is the spot I used to get to VR1. I'd recommend to go with a buddy.This grinding spot is in North-Eastern Coldharbor, near the cliffs of failure.In order to get to Coldharbor, you must complete the Moonmont quests, the 'Save Dune' quest, and finally, 'Messages Across Tamriel' quests you get in Reaper's March.

Go to the portal on the map that I've highlighted; the closest wayshrine is the Court of Contempt Waysrhine

Once through the portal, use this second portal to go to the Battleground Antechamber

The area that I've highlighted here is the area you will be grinding in; near-instantly respawning mobs that grant ~444 XP each

Go up the ramp to the right, this is what it should look like

Red is the ideal circuit that you want to use.Yellow is your second choice, if your spot is over-populated. Blue is where you go if the Red and Yellow zones are over-populated. The Blue zone is not as fast.

This is the method that can help you get from level 40-50 in about 5 hours, u can check out it now !