The Mount Diet Leveling Syetm in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-23 14:31:17
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To some, mounts are just a useful way to get from point A to point B in MMOs. To others, mounts are almost like a status symbol. At this stage of the game, Elder Scrolls Online does not have a large selection of mounts, nor are they very flashy.



When you purchase your first mount, it will be level 1. You can level your horse all the way to level 50. How do you level your horse, you might ask? This is done with horse Diet: visiting any stablemaster will give you the option to feed your mounts.
1.You can only feed your horse every 20 hours, and feeding your horse costs 250 gold each time.
2.Feeding your horse immediately grants it a level, and increases the chosen attribute.
3.You have 49 attribute points to spend on your mount, meaning the total cost to get your mount to level 50 is 12,250 gold.
4.To get your horse to level 50 or max out its speed, carrying capacity or stamina, you’ll need to wait a minimum of 980 hours, which is a little less than 41 days. In reality it will probably take more than that.

Feed Types
Hay: Feeding your mount Hay will increase its stamina, allowing it to sprint longer and take more hits before becoming dismounted.
Apples: Feeding your mount Apples will increase its speed.
Oats: Feeding your mount Oats will increase its carrying capacity.

Diet affects Mount Appearance
Another cool feature of ESO’s mount system is that diet affects the appearance of your mounts. Whilst there’s no Horse Armor in game, feeding your horse different types of food will change how your horse looks.Once you have fed your mount 20 times of the same feed type, its appearance will change depending on what it has been fed.

What should you feed your mount
This depends entirely on what you want but there are some general guidelines. To get the most out of your mounts, you should be aware of the differences between the mounts in ESO. The differences aren’t big by default, but they do mean that choosing a specific mount will always suit you better for some purposes.

As an example, the Draft Horse is your mount of choice if you want to increase your inventory size as much as possible because the Draft Horse starts out with 10 Carrying Capacity, which is more than any other mount in ESO right now. If you feed your Draft Horse nothing but Oats, it will always end up having at least 10 more Carrying Capacity than the other horses, meaning you can have the most bag slots available in game. You would never be able to have as many inventory slots with other horses.