The Mystery of Dragonknight

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-04 17:13:57
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If u are one of fantastic of The ElderScrolls like me ,u must know Elder Scrolls Online has 4 classes currently available for play.Today we will take a specific look into Dragonknight.


The Dragonknight is one of the most diverse classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. This class is considered a hybrid class which combines offensive and defensive maneuvers to produce a hard-to-tackle opponent. What makes the Dragonknight extremely diverse is its ability to adopt different roles. In respect, one player can mold their DK into a tank while another player chooses to have a DK offensive healer. What is clearly known about the class is the class’ ability to hold its ground in PvP.

The special abilities possessed by the DK are: Fiery Reach, Slam, Spiked Armor and the rumored Dragon Armor which is the class’ ultimate ability. Its offensive abilities such as Fiery Reach and Slam allow the Dragonknight to dish out damage or even stun. Once stunned, the DK can easily knockdown their opponents and deliver devastating blows.

Fiery Reach: Since you can play this class as a short or long ranged fighter, you can unleash this skill to pull forth your adversary. The idea is unleashing a flaming chain (like in Ghost Rider), pull and stun your enemy.

This is a melee oriented skill aimed at knocking down foes. This is best used on a mob where they’re planning to ruin your day. Simply unleash Slam, interrupt their spells and knock them down. Though the idea is great but the execution is greater; players will have to deal with the depletion of stamina so using this skill as a spamming ability is not worth it.

Spiked Armor: Encase your warrior in a ball of spikes and increase damage resistance while returning physical damage to attackers. Great use of skill in a mob setting, like PvP (especially if the DK is a tank to drawing in aggro) but useless to use when you’re alone.

People expect this class to wear heavy duty armor but remember; this class can wear light armor as well. It all depends on how you play the class that determines its success.

The DragonKnights of the Elder Scrolls Online are meant to do one thing: Smash. Because of the DragonKnight’s affinity for crushing skulls and asking questions later, it is a common belief that the hulking Orsimer will make the best DragonKnights. That is wrong. The race that will make the best DragonKnights is without question the Dunmer. Here is why:

While an Orc’s massive build and affinity for large weapons and heavy armor make him a great tank, DragonKnights are not the classic tank. They are elemental warlords who value their skills as much as they love their raw power. The Dunmer, while not the most natural tanks, possess an innate skill set that makes them perfect for the DragonKnight’s versatile style. The DragonKnight’s main set of offensive weapons includes an array of highly destructive flame spells. The Dunmer have the greatest natural destruction magic talent of any mortal race in Tamriel. That talent should manifest itself in the form of a power bonus for their ardent flame spells. As for the strength, heavy armor and two handed weapon skills, they can easily be developed to match or surpass Orsimer levels.

The Dunmer are also highly resistant to fire—all Dunmer have at least a 50% resistance to flames. While the DragonKnigh’s array of ardent flame spells is impressive, there could be limits to their power. If a flame spell were so powerful that it left deadly burns across the flesh of the DragonKnight, then he could not cast it-unless he could resist the power of that spell. The Dunmer’s fire resistance could give them sole access to such a spell. Maybe they could even channel their innate flame spell, ancestor’s wrath into their ardent flame skills. This would solidify their already firm supremacy as the ultimate DragonKnight race.