The PvP portion of the Justice System won't be coming to ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-01-15 02:01:01
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In the previous post on eso-gold, we have introduced ZOS’ plans to bring varying updates to ESO in 2016, including two new DLCs, level adjustment and more. However, the most concerning one should be that the previously discussed Justice System PvP components won’t be added into the game. What’s wrong with this?

The PvP portion of the Justice System has always been a controversial issue in the Elder Scrolls Online. You must have seen many posts showing players arguments against (or for) it, but now the case has been settled - Justice PvP has officially been cancelled since there were too many problems with it and it would be difficult to implement in the current system.

According to ZOS, it is difficult to make it fun while not exploitable, and it is not wise to have players enforce justice on the criminal activity of other players from a game balance perspective. He said “The game's central concept of "PvP in PvP areas and be safe in safe areas" needs to stay the way it is”. It sounded like the justice PVP was causing stability issues. However, many players still insist that it is a great innovation that would make the game so much more interesting.

Though it is not surprised that ZOS decided not to implement PvP components, many players have showed their disappointment on reddit or other social site, so why it is so popular? As far as eso-gold is concerned, despite of the fun it would bring, it is a good direction for the game. It represents a constantly evolving player experience, where your actions in the world matter. With this system, as well as Spellcrafting and Housing, ESO had a chance to start straddling the line between theme park and sandbox in a unique way and that would help it stand out from the crowd of MMOs.

On the other hand, it is pity that we finally lose the justice pvp, but from another perspective, we can see the logic behind ZOS decision. Keep PvP in PvP zones, leave the rest for PvE'rs, so that there will be no confusion about whether another player can or cannot attack you at any given time. But if adding another set of rules like "this is a PvE area and you are safe, UNLESS…" would most likely cause confusion with the casual players.

Fortunately, many biggest issues in the game are being worked on, and if all the changes he talked about go through and work out well it will do tons for the game. Thus, there are still many things amazing to expect for, so just be assured and buy the elder scrolls online gold for sale on eso-gold for new contents ahead.