Tips and Tricks to Execute Skills and Abilities in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-07-29 11:13:05
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Each class in ESO can select 5 hotbar abilities at a time, which are chosen from their class pool of abilities. This does not mean you have 5 abilities in the game, but this means that you can only use 5 abilities at a time in combat. It’s important to make that distinction. These abilities have no cooldown, but cost either stamina or magicka to activate. Each ability is designed to have a substantial impact on combat. It’s not only the selection of abilities that is important, but also how players use these skills will play a major role in their combat success.



When you first slot a new ability in your hotbar, you only possess a novice level of using it. As you use it in combat more and more, you can improve and enhance them in various ways. The final hotbar, or the sixth slot in the hotbar, for every class is filled with an Ultimate ability, which is usable after a player accumulates sufficient Finesse. Every class has multiple Ultimate abilities to choose from, but may only utilize one at a time.

There is a quick potion slot key on the Q key, which is going to allow players to drink potions in the middle of combat. Those potions are going to have 20 to 30-second cooldown. Not too sure why they were so adamant on signaling out the Q key, just to make sure you knew it was there. Seems a little weird. There’s going to be other things on top of that. There’s going to be foods and other things you can do to buff your character out of combat to make you better in combat.