Tips for Cyrodill Success in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-05-16 22:58:21
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Cyrodiil is a large area which dominates central Tamriel and in Elder Scrolls Online it is the setting of the Alliance War which is where all of the PVP (Player Vs Player) action takes place.Following are tips for Cyrodill success.



If you are not yet Veteran Rank I suggest the non-Vet campaign Backwater Blade. If this is not populated at the time when you are playing you can also try the other campaigns, however the Veteran player will have much better equipment and skills. That is not to say that you can’t contribute to a group!

Remember to place your siege equipment in your quick slots by opening your inventory (‘I’) and pressing ‘Q’ and then dragging them over. This is also how you use repair kits!

It is wise to stick with a group, especially if you are new to Cyrodiil. This might ensure that you are not killed constantly as you learn the complexities of PVP in ESO. Group combat is also quite fun and you can contribute as a support role as well!

Remember to stock up on siege weapons with your Alliance Points. There are a lot of situations where good placement of a siege weapon can turn a battle or repel enemies.

The general rule is fire siege weapons for enemy players and stone siege weapons for enemy walls and keeps. The fire siege weapons, like Fire Ballista, deal damage over time to enemy players. The stone weapons, like a normal Ballista, deal good damage to walls. Also, Meat Bag catapults are good mainly when used in conjunction with a Fire Ballista or Trebuchet. Meat Bags catapult will reduce the healing of enemies and the fire weapons will deal the damage.

Aim for the walls and not the door! When you are attacking an enemy keep wall make sure that your Alliance is all aiming and hitting the walls and not the actual wood door. The walls generally go much faster and attacking a door is only viable when bashing down the front doors with a ram.

Make sure you take the Bounty Missions from the Bounty Mission Board. This gives you the Kill 20 Players quest which can be completed while you battle in Cyrodiil and earns you a little EXP, Alliance Points and some gold. These quests are repeatable as well!

If you are looking for a group to join you can type LFG (Looking For Group) in Zone Chat (/z) and public groups might invite you. Make sure you are not in another group already as you can’t be invited if that is the case.

If you do join a group listen to the group leader and stay with the group. This will often result in better performance, a more cohesive team and better results for your Alliance.

You can venture off on your own in Cyrodiil to cut of enemies, find SkyShards, collect LoreBooks and even do some quests. If you are going to do these things it is probably best to join a less populated campaign to avoid being killed too often.

Leave or exit Cyrodiil by travelling to one of your Alliance entrances and use the wayshrine there.