Tips to Select and Improve ESO Armors and Weapons

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-10-24 05:10:24
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For veteran rank classes, excellent items are necessary in Elder Scrolls Online. As ESO players, you can depend on armors and weapons to strengthen your characters. Thus, you need know how to select VR items.

To Select ESO Armors and Weapons
You can select ESO items, especially armors and weapons, based on the following factors:
To add DPS
To spell critical value
To add healing and reduce cost
To reduce damage from enemies
To add defense

Generally, Tank is equipped with Heavy Armor to add defense. If you make your class more flexible, you can choose Light Armor. There is a introduction to VR armors and weapons which most of players like.

Aether Robes-Increase Armor Enchantment effect by 20%.

To Improve ESO Armors and Weapons
Two ways help you improve your armor and weapon in The Elder Scrolls Online.

-Enchant armors and weapons
Enchanting can add bonus effects to armors and weapons. For players, you can improve your armors and weapons by enchantment. To enchant items, you need glyphs. You can find glyphs in many places in the game. Generally, you can get them as rewards. Of course, if you have enough eso gold, you can purchase them from the enchanter NPC.

-To Improve the quality of armor and weapons
You can level up your armors and weapons. This is the detail guide to improve your armors and weapons. If you want to suceed to improve items, you can find a certain amount of upgrading materails.