Views Of Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-11-22 15:04:32
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Views Of Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC


  I still remember when ESO released its latest DLC: Murkmire. I was so excited to pick up my board and my sword and eager to dive into this newest offering. So after one week or so of bog hopping and adventuring the way through the latest DLC zone of ESO, Murkmire. I'd like to share my impressions and my thoughts towards this game. So now, please sit down and relax. Let me guide you to enjoy this impressions piece of Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire.



  The position of Murkmire is located on the southeastern shores below Shadfen, and this is a magical themed zone. In that area, it includes the essence of what an Argonian (or Saxhleel for the lore lovers out there). From the waterlogged terrain to dense and deadly vegetation, to the fatal insect population. All of this creates this zone the perfect background for the story.

  The area is littered with decrepit buildings from expeditions past all of which carry a look of being consumed by the marsh around them. Argonian artifacts also cover the zone hinting at the deep and rich lore of this people group. Finally, the mysterious Hist trees populate much of the zone and share a special connection with the people that inhabit the area. Like much of the zone design in ESO, Murkmire is a reflection of its people but in architecture and design and in the case of Murkmire nails the look and feel of the Argonian people. As someone who tends to lean more towards Nord characters, Murkmire perked my interest to learn more about the Argonian culture.

  In this Murkmire DLC of ESO, the main mission chain is an interest mix of Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones and Sam Spade Mystery all mixed together. I have to admit that I possibly had the most fun with Murkmires introduction chain cause it felt like something straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. As usual, you'll be introduced to some new and colorful characters. With many of the conversations eluding to past adventures and experiences. Thanks for bringing the world to life again with the writing and voice over the team.

  Another upgrade that can be seen is player housing, you can find that the life quality has been improved, for instance, choose multiple items to move at once and undo feature has been added, to editors this is an amazing addition. This could shorten my time and allow me to change up rooms and layout quickly.

  Last but not least, the house update comes in the form of a new of furniture, which is, let's say your own music box, this little sweet addition adds a nice touch to your homestead, this would help you relax with beautiful tunes. Gotta this update is really humanized.

  That's all the content from DLC I experienced and I can say for sure I have not yet experienced all elements of this update. And what I have experienced has been polished, well designed and expertly executed. So this time all I have to say is, the ESO did not let us down! Start a new journey, start a new way of collecting ESO gold, isn't that very crazy?