We’re Listing The Five Best Things In ESO’s Update 17

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-01 09:45:15
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Every game needs to be updated. Such updates are good for our players. The Elder Scrolls is a completely open game. In this game we players can communicate with each other, The classic of the Elder Scrolls series game is that the content of the game is almost completely open to the players, and it is very extensible. The series has won praise from the outside world for its outstanding openness, interactivity and huge world view. After decades of development, the world has reached a high level, players can enjoy the time of the game. Players can edit, modify, and add content through various tools. But the bulk of the changes and additions are free for all. Today we’re listing the five best things in ESO’s Update 17



The Level Up Guide and Experience

This is my number one new feature of the patch, as it will likely make the largest long-term impact on the health of the game. Leveling up in ESO is pretty complex process. The sort of freedom afforded by the system often overwhelms new players. This not only helps them find “builds” to level with, by suggesting skills that you should use for tanks, heals, or DPS, but it also gives you a more rewarding leveling experience by showcasing what you’re going to earn each new level. The stat points and skill points remain, but other item rewards are added too - new weapons, potions, armor, etc. It makes the act of gaining that next level more meaningful, and guides players who might not be quite as invested to get invested and keep playing more. I dig it a lot, and if I didn’t? It can be turned off quite easily.


The Outfit System


Nope, it’s not my number one! The new outfit system is fantastic. It lets you take any of your unlocked styles and apply them in any way you want to your Outift and make your own custom costume. You get the first slot free, but more after that will cost you crowns. Changing your outfit after the first “assignment” of pieces and colors costs in-game gold, putting the system in tune with what’s found in WoW, GW2, and others. It’s wonderful, and you mess with dyes and your outfit at any of the existing dye stations in the world.


Home Storage


A small, but meaningful step towards making your home in Tamriel actually useful for more than displaying trophies is here with Update 17. You can now acquire various storage boxes (through crafting or the Crown store) to place in your home, and put your belongings inside. You even get one for free when you hit level 18. I’m still waiting on something like farming or animal husbandry, but I’ll take this.


Combat Changes


These are small, barely noticeable changes to the naked eye, but the overall impact of things like like improvements to Synergies (the skills you trigger when someone else fires off a skill you can add to, the removal of area-of-effect caps, changes to block costs, changes to cast-time abilities and interrupts, and changes to how Heavy Attacks and the Off Balance mechanic work. All of these things make fights more interesting, and should affect battles in Cyrodiil a bit different as well. Time will tell.


The New Dungeons and Battlegrounds


It’s worth noting that the Battlegrounds (two brand new ones) are not part of the purchased DLC - that’s strictly the dungeons. The BGs come for free as long as you own Morrowind. (I’m wondering, as an aside, if the next chapter will make Battlegrounds free for all players.) But they’re a refinement of the Battlegrounds ESO already has, and add to the visual differences between all maps. If you’re a fan, these are just yet another nice way to spice things up in the rotation.


The changes in these places gives us players a lot of convenience. You get a free outfit slot and it only costs gold to "decorate" that slot, choosing which looks to skin over your armor. Standard motifs are cheap eso gold and the rare ones are obviously more expensive. You can exercise your character in the free dungeon and let yourself upgrade. When you upgrade you will get a certain treasure. This treasure will make you rich.