What Is The Elder Scrolls Online Played By Mustafa Cengiz

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-02-13 07:02:58
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The Elder Scrolls Online game, which Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz mentioned in an interview given by Galatasaray Magazine, was started to be wondered by fans. What is The Elder Scrolls Online, short name ESO Details of our news...


The Elder Scrolls Online knows this game a lot of gaming lovers, but Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz played this game was said by many names was curious. What is The Elder Scrolls Online, short name ESO Details of our news...



What is The Elder Scrolls Online?


The Elder Scrolls Online is an online RPG game of the MMORPG type, the latest in the series of the famous Elder Scrolls series, one of the oldest RPG clusters on the computer.


As will be remembered, Bethesda published Skyrim, the 5th game of The Elder Scrolls series in 2011, and swept away the awards that year. Following this successful production, Bethesda has made a very radical decision for the future of the series, announcing that it will bring the series of the Elder Scrolls online infrastructure and turn it into a giant multiplayer role-playing game. In The Elder Scrolls Online, the players are traveling a long time before events in Skyrim and face the evil Deadra god Molag Honey and his servants. In The Elder Scrolls Online, which offers us the widest and most extensive range of Tamriel's open world among the Elder Scrolls games, there are all the places like Cyrodiil, Hammerfall, Morrowind, Black Marsh and High Rock besides Skyrim.


In The Elder Scrolls Online, the players are being sacrificed by the servants of Molag Bal to lead Molag Bal's own world, Coldharbor, to a hero sent to serve Molag Bal forever. The character creation part of The Elder Scrolls Online is quite detailed. The players choose one of the three sides fighting for Tamriel's domination and then make heroic class choices. There are no hard lines between the classes when 4 different hero classes are involved. He can use all weapons and equipment in each class. At this point, players are given the opportunity to create heroes that differ.


The Elder Scrolls Online is a successful PVE. The vote includes a lot of content for players who play the game alone. Alongside this, multi-player dungeons also have countable numbers. The PVP is based on the battle over the domination of Tamriel's center Cyrodil. The players participate in combat with other 2 sides and huge PVP encounters so that the parties they control can control over Tamriel.


The graphics of The Elder Scrolls Online show us the most successful visuals of this kind of game. Besides the looks of the heroes, the items in the open world are quite successful. The light reflections used in the dungeons are a complete visual feast. Day-to-day cycling, different weather conditions such as snow and rain, visual details such as ash in the air at Morrowind will be pleased. The sound effects in the game are quite successful, especially the lightning bolts have an impressive quality.


The Elder Scrolls Online stands out as the best choice for players at a time when World of Warcraft is losing blood.


Note: The Elder Scrolls Online has a monthly membership fee-based structure. When you buy the game, there is a 1 month free play period; but you need to specify a valid payment method.