What Will Change In The Upcoming Elder Scrolls 6

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-06-12 01:22:20
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The Elder Scrolls already has 5 important series online. Each series has its own characteristics. Now there are many opinions about the Elder Scrolls. Today we have intercepted some official news to tell everyone about the Elder Scrolls 6 news.


Here's what we know about The Elder Scrolls 6. First, the name. No, not the interesting part of the name, the part where it tells us where the new game will be set, just the uninteresting part, the part that tells us it comes after The Elder Scrolls 5 and before The Elder Scrolls 7. And we have essentially one, single image depicting what we assume is the setting for the new game, albeit one in very broad strokes. This is the internet, however, and that image is more than enough to sent Reddit into a speculative whirlwind. Here are some of the absolute earliest guesses about where this game will take place.


Here's some work by Reddit user Dunmer, who suspects the game might take in the Redguard home of Hammerfell:



Dunmer uses the snow-capped peaks in the distance as an orienting point, guessing that they belong to the Skyrim of The Elder Scrolls 5. After that, we're thinking about the relative shape and placement of the coastline. We can also see a city there on the coast, as well as a fortress more inland. I'm skeptical about this one, mostly because we've seen Hammerfell in The Elder Scrolls Online and it looked a lot more like a desert than this. It's a little unclear, however, how much TESO can predict new locations in the mainline games: I can't imagine Bethesda Softworks wants to be written into a corner on some of these new areas. Dramatic time shifts can always change the landscape, as well.


If it is Hammerfell, it might not just be Hammerfell. We might also get the Orsmer home of High Rock, which combined would both give us a healthy increase in the size of the map as well as some more dramatic landscape variance than what we saw in Skyrim.


Hammerfell and High Rock seem to be Reddit's best guesses, but there's a wildcard in there as well. This speculation really only works if the game is in Tamriel, which is the continent we've been working with for the entirety of the series so far. It might not be in Tamriel: it might also be in Akavir, an entirely new continent full of snow demons and vampire snake people.


If it's in Akavir, disregard everything above. We really don't know anything all that useful about what a screenshot of Akavir would look like, because we mostly have shaky information about that continent save some scattered lore: there were some Imperial outposts there, one of which might be that destroyed-looking fort. Akavir has been rumored for a while for the new game, and it would definitely get around the problem of so much of Tamriel already being explored in TESO.


Regardless, we likely won't get to play this game until at least 2020, and maybe not even then. But it exists! Expect the speculation to continue. Here I also tell everyone that the way to buy cheap eso gold, where we can find cheap gold coins online, will save us a lot of money.